Could Your Home’s Structural Problems Cause Health Concerns for Your Children?

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As a parent, it’s absolutely crucial that you maintain your home’s structural integrity and overall health for your children. Most people assume that parents are going to want to keep their children safe. However, it’s common for people not to recognize all the ways in which you could potentially end up with a serious safety concern. Because there are so many ways in which structural problems can manifest into serious concerns, use this home health checklist to avoid those issues.

Home Health Checklist
Home Health Checklist Created By: JES

Structural Health

Although you may not think of structural health as something that really impacts your overall health, it’s actually a very important element of ensuring your family’s safety. Consider these signs of foundational failure that can themselves cause harm:

  • Cracks in Your Bricks
  • Wall and Floor Gaps
  • Uneven Floors
  • Sticking Doors and Windows
  • Cracked Chimney
  • Foundation Settlement

As you can probably assume, it’s actually very important to fix these symptoms, even before they progress into much worse problems. Plus, when you ignore these underlying problems, you can end up with irreversible damage. When you go to sell your home, you could lose as much as 30% of your home’s value due to foundational problems.

Crawl Space Health

You may think that crawl space health isn’t really important because you and your family don’t go into your crawl space. As a matter of fact, an unhealthy crawl space can have serious impacts on your health due to all of these potential problems:

  • Standing Water
  • Wood Rot
  • Floor Joists Rotting
  • Non-Functioning Insulation
  • Rodent Issues
  • Bug Infestations
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Mold

The air in your crawl space tends to naturally move up into the rest of your home, especially if you have crawl space vents. When you have mold and rodent infestations in your crawl space, that means the bacteria and mold rises up into the rest of your home, which can cause serious health concerns for the people living in the home.

Basement Health

What about in your basement? As with your crawl space, your basement may be an area of your home you don’t often frequent, which means you might not completely understand the importance of keeping it well-functioning. You can end up with any of these problems if you don’t maintain your home’s basement health:

  • Poor Drainage
  • Wet Walls
  • Wet Floors
  • Wet Carpet
  • Wet Drywall
  • Condensation
  • Mold

Mold and moisture issues specifically can have a huge impact on your family’s health. These are two of the leading causes of allergies and asthma, which can seriously impact your entire family. When you fix the problems in your basement, you may notice a significant decrease in symptoms including allergies and asthma.

Concrete Health

Even if you don’t realize it, you probably have a lot of concrete in and around your home. There are all sorts of concrete areas that you may have in your home, including slabs around the following:

  • Patio
  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Basement Floor
  • Sidewalk
  • Pool Deck

If you even have a patio or garage, you almost certainly have concrete there. However, cracked and uneven concrete can be a significant problem for your home’s health. Plus, they can pose tripping hazards, especially for the most vulnerable members of your home. When you fix this concrete, you’re making it easier for your family to live inside.


Home health is not an isolated problem. If you have a problem in one area, you’ll almost certainly end up with problems in another area as well. It’s less about isolating problems in your home and more about understanding what you’re going to do to fix those problems. Don’t be afraid to talk to a home repair expert so you can fix these home health concerns in your own home and make it safer for your family.