Creative Storage Solutions for a Growing Household

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As your family grows, the number of things you have grows as well. You end up needing to find more and more creative ways and places to store all of your family’s belongings to avoid having a cluttered house.

It can be a challenge for those with young children especially. Toys manage to find their way everywhere, except in the toybox.

If you are finding it a struggle to store all of you and your family’s belongings or find that your home just feels too small for all the things you have, then you need to implement these creative storage solutions.

Living Room

1.    Crates and Boxes

Living rooms are notorious for becoming cluttered in the blink of an eye, whether it’s TV remotes or the kids’ toys. Keep a selection of crates and boxes in the living to store all those bits and bobs in and keep them organised. You could even decorate them to match the rest of your décor and give them a nice finish.

2.    Casing for Wires

With the TV, gaming consoles, speakers and plenty of other wired things in the living room, there will be an abundance of cables. To prevent them from getting tangled or simply looking untidy, cover them with plastic wire casing.

3.    Shelving

Fireplaces and windowsills do make a great place for photos and ornaments, but they can easily become cluttered. Add some shelving to the walls and spread out your ornaments to prevents them from looking like clutter.


1.    Open Wardrobe

If your wardrobe or drawers are constantly overflowing onto the floor, get yourself an open clothing rack. These can be placed anywhere in the room and give you that extra space you need to store all of your clothes. If the room is too small for these, you could simply install a pole along the ceiling to hang your clothes on.

2.    Boxes Under the Bed

Everyone has clutter under their bed, but very few organise it. If you have one or two boxes that fit under your bed, you have a great space for hidden storage.


1.    Convert a Basement

Basement conversions are a great addition to a home that lacks space. You can store your laundry baskets, washing and drying machines, or anything else you can think of in this space. Contact a basement conversion company in London and add the space you deserve to your home.

2.    Labelled Laundry Baskets

In a growing home, laundry is never finished. To make the job easier on yourself and to store it more easily, label your laundry baskets with ‘colours’, ‘whites’, and even a smaller one for ‘delicates’. This will make laundry a much quicker and easier process and helps you to store it all in one place.

3.    Drawer Organisers

Everyone has one drawer that is full of unorganised junk. To make the most of your drawers, organise and separate the belongings you put in them. A cluttered and unorganised drawer is less efficient for storage than an organised one.