Decorating a Home on a Budget

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Everyone wants their home to be as nicely decorated as possible. They like it to be warm and welcoming, so, naturally, most people spend a lot of money on keeping their home nice. This is good, but how do you do it if you are living on a tight budget? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to decorate a home for virtually nothing.

Ask for home décor related Christmas and birthday gifts

The next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday tell them you would like home décor vouchers. If you are at the stage where everything is already painted and decorated, change that request to something like Hello Canvas vouchers. That way, you can order yourself some nice prints to finish off your home without having to pay out anything. If you need soft furnishings or ornaments change that request to vouchers from your favourite home decor retailer.

Buy used furniture and soft furnishings

Whenever you can, use second-hand furniture, soft furnishings and ornaments to decorate your home. These days, it is really easy to pick up what you need from charities, recycling organisations, craigslist and buy and sell Facebook groups.

When shopping for these types of items, use your imagination. With a little time and effort, a scratched dining room table can easily be refinished. If you do not have the skills or tools to do it yourself, right now, do not necessarily let that stop you from buying it. You can always go online and learn those skills and borrow the tools you need from friends or family. Or, you could just buy the table anyway and always use a tablecloth. Most items of furniture can be painted or sprayed.

Tap into recycling to find decorating materials

If you need materials like paint or fabric try to source them from your local recycling club. They work hard to keep half used cans of paint and other materials out of landfill. As a result, you can potentially pick up what you need to repaint a room by just making a small donation. A lot of the paint they collect is white, so you may have to buy some colorant to be able to mix up the colour you want to apply to your walls.

Brighten up what you already own

Once you have the basics in place keeping it looking fresh and modern is not that difficult, even on a budget. For example, using decals you can quickly give a tired looking tiled bathroom a new look and feel.

Dining room chairs can easily be re-covered using off-cuts of fabric. You can change the look of a window blind using a stick on vinyl panel. The ways you can brighten up what you already own and do so for pennies are endless. This article contains dozens of home decor ideas that are cheap and easy to implement.

To use the above ideas effectively you are likely to have to learn some new skills. But, this is a good thing. Potentially you can use what you learn to make items to sell, which could help to ease your money worries.