Design Considerations for a Family Home

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Where to start when designing a family home? Well, starting in any home provides a clue as to what works and what does not. What pleases the eye and what makes it look away in shame. Design does, however, go beyond colour schemes – it includes factoring in floor sizes and roof shapes. At The House Plan Shop for example design searches can be carried out by entering details such as plan style, minimum and maximum square footages, number of levels, the number of beds required, and number of baths desired. How many of us have more than one bath? Well, you can if you design your own house.

The Different Types of Houses Available

Country House – provides a peaceful solution and an abundance of unpolluted air. It is possible to keep animals beyond the domestic and grow your own organic and unprocessed food. And that is not to mention the plentiful scenic views that can be obtained from every angle.

European House – is known for its steep roof and subtly-flared curves. Stone and stucco are used in its construction.

Mediterranean House – is constructed in an open style with large exterior windows. Its roof is low-pitched and tiled, and best installed professionally. This is why some people will use Bondoc Roofing to get this done. It will have a brick or stucco siding.

Narrow Lot House – will range in stature from being small and affordable for the majority, to a state-of-the-art modern house with a greater number of bedrooms. Most house plans for Narrow Lots will be detailed and include a linear floor plan.

Small House – to make it affordable for any budget.

Vacation House – is a property that is not a primary residence and located some distance away from the main home. These kinds of houses may not need to have as many facilities as other homes, but they can if desired. Vacations are to be enjoyed, after all.

It should be noted that the above is just a general guide to house styles, as bespoke design companies will tailor into their drawings and 3-D software-designed images, certain aspects to suit a householder’s or family’s individual needs.

Different Types of Roofing Materials to Consider

Before hiring someone like Prime Roofing Jacksonville to do your roofing, it’s a good idea to decide which roofing material you would like to use. Asphalt shingles are considered the best roofing solution by many. They are available in sheets and then layered on a roof to provide the illusion that they are the more expensive single shingles. Single shingles, such as slate or cedar, are expensive in terms of labour because they are laid one piece, or shingle, at a time. If you have the budget, though, single shingles are the most luxurious option. The main thing to consider here is that the roof should be more than a match for the types of weather conditions that your chosen location is likely to encounter.

A article is available online that champions the use of metal shingles as a roofing material, which you may find of additional interest.

Different Types of Flooring Available

If you have made it to the floor with your design, or your specialist has, there are a few options here to choose between. Wooden parquet flooring is becoming a popular option. Woods such as oak, birch, ash and walnut are being used. It is easy to install and, because of the different woods available to use, will come in a variety of shades and grains. Most laminate floors will have a bottom layer that is made from wood and then have a plastic layer for the floor’s surface. Laminate is considered a durable and hygienic option. It is water and scratch resistant. It can come in realistic designs for a pleasing look. Other flooring options include vinyl, linoleum, stone tiles, and textiles. The different materials used can be chosen between in relation to how often the room is used, and for what purpose. A wipe-clean and hygienic surface would, for instance, be particularly desirable for a kitchen space.

Now you can think about your colour schemes – whether you like the natural look, desire pastel shades, or prefer something bright.