Do You Need Glasses?

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Having good vision is something to be grateful for, which is why ignoring signs that your eyes might need some help is never a good idea. Whether it is just a part of the aging process or if there is a genetic connection, needing glasses can happen to anyone at any time in their life. Even if you have always considered your eyesight to be good, if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms it could be time for you to book an eye test with an optometrist. Don’t worry too much about if you should get an optometrist from an independent practice or one that’s part of a chain. Thanks in part to organizations like PECAA (click here to find out more) independent eye doctors have sourced the right equipment to diagnose you.

Without any further ado, here are the symptoms that are often indicative of poor vision and eyesight problems.

Blurred Vision

Many things can cause blurred vision, such as exhaustion or having something in your eye. However, if you have noticed that your vision has become distorted more frequently in recent months and there is no other logical explanation for it, it is likely that you need glasses or contact lenses. Some other signs that you should get an eye test are if you are seeing double or objects are fuzzy and do not have defined lines.


Headaches are symptoms of many things, such as a bad cold, stress, even bad posture. However, if you notice that you are getting headaches a lot, particularly when you are trying to read or to focus your vision on something, they could be a symptom of failing eyesight. You might need to wear reading glasses or even start wearing lenses all the time. Your optometrist will be able to advise you further on what you need. If you do need reading glasses, you can find a wonderful range of styles at and similar stores.

Strained Eyes

Headaches are one symptom of strained eyes, but you might notice that you have more focused pain behind your eyeballs or in that area if they are struggling. Even if you do not have much pain, if your eyes generally feel tired more often than usual, or irritated in any way, this is probably because they are working even harder to try and see. If your eyes continue to feel tired or irritated even after you get plenty of rest or use eye drops, it is time to investigate further and see if glasses could be the solution to your problem.


Squinting is one of those things you might not notice you are doing that much. It will be a natural reaction you have when you are trying to focus on an object and sometimes doing it to see things in the distance is completely normal. However, if you are having to do this when looking at objects that are not very far away because you cannot make them out you probably do need to have your vision tested. This is also the case if you find yourself squinting to read text on a page or to focus on the TV.

Difficulty Driving at Night

Driving at night is always more challenging than during daylight hours, but if you are starting to find it more difficult than you’re used to, this could be because your vision is not what it used to be. If you are finding it hard, avoid driving during the dark until you have seen an optometrist and had your eyes tested to avoid the risk of a collision.

If you or any other members of your family have been experiencing the problems above, book in for an eye test as soon as possible to find out whether or not you need glasses.