Easy Bedtime Rituals to Calm Your Anxious Child

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All children need regular amounts of sleep in order to function normally and somehow, elementary-school-aged children often fight bedtime, especially if anxiety is keeping them awake. Lack of sleep in children may result in irritability and poor grades in school, also add how they socialize with other children to its effects.

As per the sleep professionals, children need 10-12 hours of sleep depending on their ages with naps recommended in a 24 hours period—and children who don’t get enough sleep are often cranky and would lead to developing behavior problems and attention problems. This article is designed to both calm anxieties and provide for calm and healthy parent-child bonding before bed.

The Pillow Talk

Sit, listen, and snuggle with your child beside them and talk whatever worries or fears that they have. This is the first thing that you should not overlook since the peace of mind and the relaxation of the body is needed for a good night’s sleep especially for children. Try not to talk too much and let your child let the talking since listening alone will allow your child to solve their own worries.

Remember not to give in to their whining on not leaving them alone, since it is also important to set limits for them to be used to sleeping independently.

Give Your Child a Friend

It is also recommended by doctors that have children as patients due to their anxiety, to give your child a friend through letting them pick a doll or stuffed animal, or even something like a bracelet for them to have something to hold on to through the night. Encourage your child to find comfort in this special object to help them relax in times of stress. Additionally, research shows that by doing this, it helps children with nighttime fears and sleep problems.

No Screens Before Bed

Use of electronic gadgets has been rampant since technology has been on the rise. If you are still unaware, gadgets like iPad, cell phones, televisions, and computers emit blue light which restrains the production of melatonin, a hormone essential for making us sleep and stay asleep.


What you need to do is to be strict on their gadget usage and set time on when they can use and not use it. Also, take note to avoid all digital devices for at least an hour before bed, however, two hours before bedtime would be preferable.

Don’t Skip the Story

A bedtime story would never go out of style. Bedtime stories give a positive impact and can refocus your child’s mind in a positive imaginary world, helping them forget their worries. Not only that but reading out loud to children has been found that it helps improve vocabulary and could be beneficial to development.

Find a book that your family would surely enjoy, like the Little Prince or just make them enjoy the princess bedtime stories that would surely fit your little princess or a car story for your little boy.

Don’t Forget the Child’s Comfort

Look for sleep thief culprits such as having an uncomfortable bed for your child. What you should know is that mattresses not only impacts adults but also children since it is what an individual sleep on, so if it makes your child uncomfortable and restless it is not the right mattress for your child.

Additionally, if you are looking for guidelines about sleep and mattresses try researching online such as the counting sheep research for additional knowledge of healthy sleeping not only for your child but for your whole family too.


Of course, you would do everything for your child, as a parent, you will keep all those what your child fears at bay and turn into a superhero in front of their eyes which is why it is important to know firsthand on how to deal with what worries them. Remember that knowledge is the key to try to research a bit more, surely counting sheep research would aid you and some knowledgeable books or sites. Also, take note to visit a doctor if it goes out of hand for you.