Ensure Your Child Has a Strong Foundation in Math with the Best Math Apps for Kids

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My children (twins) are both starting kindergarten soon and I’ve been trying to introduce them to some of the basic math, reading, and writing skills so they’ll have a good foundation moving forward. I was talking to my best friend (our kids are around the same age) and she was telling me that she uses apps to help her kids learn. She even recommended the website where she found the apps. I’ll link it below so you can take a look.

Best 10 Apps for Math Formulas

I decided to check them out to see if they would be a good fit for my children, and there were a few that really caught my eye. Parents often look for games that can keep them busy as well as teach them to solve basic mathematical problems. For instance, a lot of kids tend to love geometry games like geometry dash that can entertain as well intrigue them. I like to introduce such games to my kids, as not only can they have fun, but actually enjoy learning. Now I’m confident that they’ll be ahead of the curve when they enter kindergarten!

Combine Candy with Counting in the Fun Game Monster Math

Monster Math is incredibly fun because it delves into the creative world of Monster Land, where your kiddos will have to help save their monster friend from a variety of bad guys. Using the (super!) power of math, users level-up and use minute-math skills to quickly take down each villain. There’s even an option to toggle between grade levels in order to change or adjust the math skills that are included in the game.

Keep in mind that, due to the fact that the goal of the game is to defeat monsters by answering math questions, there isn’t a ton of variety in this game. That being said, I usually struggle to get this game away from my kids, so clearly there is something about it they like.

Children Can Listen to Lessons with Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

This series of games was designed for children between the ages of two and seven. For this reason, the game covers not only counting, addition, and subtraction, but also colors, shapes, and the alphabet for younger players. Plus, there’s voice narration for the really young players who don’t read yet. The best part (in my opinion) is that there are no pop-up ads, so there’s no risk of young fingers accidentally hitting the wrong button.

While the app is technically free, there are only two games free to play after downloading. On the up side, there’s only a one-time payment needed to access all the games. However, if you’re looking for a truly free game, this may be a deal breaker.

Enjoy Space-Themed Math Games with Zapzapmath

With Zapzapmath, young learners have the option to select from an array of different grade levels. This is also great for parents because you can select numerous topics from Kindergarten number recognition to 6th-grade ratios. My kids love the space-themed games and there are even two-player capabilities, so they can go head-to-head in their math battles (something they seem to really enjoy).

I’ve read a few reviews of the app where parents have noticed that the game glitches every so often, causing their children to lose their progress. While I haven’t experienced this personally, I want to be fully transparent in my review, so I felt it was right to mention this.


My kids have had so much fun playing these games – I’m not even sure they know they’re learning. Now, when my kids ask to play on the tablet, I don’t feel any guilt letting them have fun with games. I would definitely recommend these apps to anyone who has younger children. I’ve already seen a difference in terms of my kids’ confidence with numbers. Seriously, if you’ve got little ones at home (or even if you’re a teacher to young children), you definitely need to check these out!