Everyday Mommy Activities to Earn Money With

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The modern-day stay-at-home mom idea turns things on their head completely as far as money is concerned, because instead of everything you do as part of your everyday mommy activities making you spend money, you can actually earn money. Now this is not the kind of money which will have you featured on Forbes or anything like that, but it can really make a difference to your daily life and to the manner in which you manage your domestic affairs. Here are some everyday mommy activities to earn money with:

House chores

Okay, so depending on how big things get with this way through which to earn some extra money with everyday mommy activities, that feature on a Forbes list could very well be on the cards. So how can you make money doing house chores as opposed to spending it? One way is to start a YouTube channel through which you will be sharing your top tips on the best products to use as well as some specific hacks with which you solve certain problems. Know a home remedy for unclogging the drain perhaps?

Creating a YouTube channel is free and once you hit a certain number of subscribers and you’ve racked up a certain threshold of viewing hours, you can monetise your videos going forward and earn revenue through advertising displayed before, during, on and around your videos.

Products testing

Product testing is perhaps an extension of doing house chores as a means through which to earn some money. Sign up for those home tester clubs through which you’ll get sent samples of household goods, which will save you the money you would have otherwise used to have to buy competitors’ products. Additionally, conduct reviews on the products you test, with video reviews probably working out best. You can then monetise this via affiliate referrals, i.e. signing up to affiliate programmes such as Amazon’s one and then getting paid commission every time someone buys a product you might have recommended through your affiliate link.

It’s also free to sign up, by the way.


There are many different apps you can download to your smartphone which essentially earn you money for walking. There are different activities you can target specifically, such as how Sweatcoin pays for walking outdoors, so if you’re busy walking the dogs each day your subsequent steps can be converted to some change.

Leveraging your board-games night skills and knowledge

Online casino platforms such as Netbet offer a whole lot more fun than what you’d expect from the myriad of online casinos mommies love to spend a bit of their time relaxing with. This platform offers familiar favourites such as live Monopoly as a gaming option, which means you can put your board-game night skills and knowledge to good use and actually be in with a chance of making some serious money should things go your way.

It is still gambling after all, so with this option it’s more about enjoying the opportunity to win as opposed to it being one which you can monetise directly.