Exciting ways for your child to learn a new skill

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We want our children to learn as many skills as possible. But how can we make learning these new skills exciting? Below are a few tips and tricks on how to make learning a new skill exciting for your tot.

Learning to swim? Talk to the fishes!

There are pretend fishies in the pool! Practice talking to them by encouraging your child to blow bubbles into the water, then ask them to put their ear into the water to ‘listen’ to the fishies response.

This is teaching breath control, which is the very first step in teaching your kid to swim on their own. Swallowing water can be frightening to a child, so make sure you are encouraging them to submerge their face and blow bubbles to help them get comfortable with the feeling of the water around them. Make sure when you submerge and resurface you have a smile on your face – your child will be much more excited to try this on their own if they see how much fun you are having!

Learning a new language? Try flashcards!

Flashcards are a really great resource to have to teach your child a new language. You can present, practice and recycle the vocabulary. You could use them for memory games for example – put the cards in a circle and give your child one minute to memorise as much as they can. Then turn them over and ask them to tell you which ones they remember. Flashcards come in many languages including English, French, German and Arabic to name a few.

It is also really easy to make your own English Flashcards using templates that you can find online.

Learning to read? Let them choose their own book

Kids love to be in control of their lives. Let them choose the books that interest them rather than picking them out for your child. Visit the library and ask your child to pick up a book that they find interesting. You will find that they will be much more excited and eager to read if they think they have made the decision themselves. Once you are done, re visit the library and repeat.

Learning to write? Make a messy alphabet!

Writing is a crucial skill – it will be one that they use throughout their lifetime. But how can you make it fun? There is an early learning method that says it’s beneficial for your child to learn the motions of how to create a letter. Help your child learn the motions of creating each letter in the alphabet – make a messy alphabet together to show your child how to write. Use shaving cream or ketchup, whatever you can find! Spread it on the counter and use your finger to write a letter of the alphabet into it. Ask them to trace the letter you made so that they can feel the movement for themselves and then ask them to try to duplicate the letter in the substance themselves. The idea of making a mess and being allowed to draw in it is very exciting for a young tot!