Exploring the Much Needed Proactive Approach to Contemporary Marriage

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The statistic of about half of all marriages going on to end in divorce has been a reality for quite some time now, calling into question whether or not we’re approaching the whole institution effectively to start off with. There are probably many reasons that would be hard to argue with around why it is that so many marriages go on to fail, some of which if acknowledged early enough could even reveal the dynamics around marriages that were doomed from the very start.

For example, women in particular appear to hear their biological clocks ticking around the age of 30, at which time they begin to panic at the realisation that many of their peers perhaps started families and married earlier in their 20s, effectively ‘leaving them behind.’ I specifically mentioned it in that order of staring families and then getting married, because that’s how it is these days, isn’t it? In fact, that’s how it’s been for a good few decades and perhaps even centuries.

Back when it was more of a shame that was probably even punishable by law to have a child out of wedlock, marriages were subsequently entered as a matter of saving face, on the back of the news that a certain young couple’s behind-closed-doors activities led to a pregnancy. As time progressed though, such laws were relaxed a bit, perhaps even forcibly so in response to the growing number of cases of children coming first and then marriage coming afterwards. Of course back in the day people rushed to the alter so that they would effectively welcome a ‘legitimate’ child to the world, but as time went by marriage started coming later, mostly on account of the couple’s financial situation.

Fast-forward to present day and things have since largely remained the same, except the decision to rush to the alter is mostly influenced by the status quo and the societal boxes we all seemingly want to try and squeeze ourselves into. As a result, a busy divorce attorney Provo Utah residents frequently visit is probably just as busy in modern times as they would have been back then, bar of course for the fact that the larger population we have to deal with these days naturally accounts for more cases to handle.

But that’s how it is – today those marriages which should have probably never taken place in the first place are dominating the divorce rate stats, which have since gone over the 50% mark.

All of that ultimately brings to light the much-needed contemporary approach to marriage, which entails extensive counselling and planning before the couple in question ties the knot. It doesn’t even have to exclusively involve a professional such as a marriage counsellor, as divorce attorneys who deal with divorce cases almost on a daily basis perhaps have some better insight to share with couples seeking to tie the knot.

Pre-marital family law consultation should lead the proactive, contemporary approach to marriage, just so that the 50%-likely split is less painful, should it arise.