First Eye Test: How To Prepare Your Kids For An Eye Test

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When taking your child to the optometrist for the first time; you’ll undoubtedly be as unsettled and nervous as they are. It can be difficult to determine how your child will react to the situation, especially if this will be their first visit.

That’s why it’s important to ensure your kids are properly prepared for their eye appointment, to help everything run smoothly and, of course, for your own peace of mind.

To celebrate National Eye Health Week, the eye health experts from Vitabiotics Visionace have provided some helpful tips to ensure your family have a successful and educational trip to the opticians!

Do your homework

Before deciding on an optometrist, make sure you do your research. You can use the internet or word-of-mouth to find out information on the eye-doctors in your area.

In most cases you can book a specific ‘children’s’ eye test. In this instance, the chances are that your doctor will be experienced in dealing with children and will be the right person for the job.

Go through what happens in a typical eye exam

Educating your kids on what they should expect when they visit the optometrist will thoroughly prepare them for the big day.

For younger kids, it may be helpful to do a mini demonstration of what will happen, so that they’re comfortable with close contact to the eye area.

Alternatively, watching videos of a typical optometrist visit or videos of other kids visiting the optometrist, will undoubtedly ease their nerves and better educate them about what they’ll experience on the day of their appointment.

Meet your Optician before the appointment

If possible, make sure to introduce your children to their optometrist beforehand, so that they’re greeted by a familiar face on the day of the appointment.

Seeing a friendly face on your arrival at the doctor’s office can help to calm your kids’ nerves and may make them feel more comfortable.

Take a pair of sunglasses

Sometimes the doctor will need to use eye-drops during an eye test. The drops enlarge the pupil so the back of the eye can be seen better.

The drops may make your child’s eyes sensitive to light, however this effect is only temporary and will not cause any pain. It’s best to take a pair of sunglasses to your appointment to protect your child’s eyes until the drops’ effects wears off.