For Moms On-The-Go: Pin-teresting Makeup Wonders

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Caring for a young child is such a hard job, busy moms can hardly find the time to brush their bed hair out, let alone put their face on to go out in public. Moms all know that when you’ve got a newborn, having a spare couple of minutes to take a shower is hard to come by. Plus, after making sure the kids look presentable, can you really be bothered to doll yourself up?

There are always these little things that come up, which leaves us very little time to get ourselves ready.

Not many moms can, so when you do spot one who’s managed to do her hair and makeup it’s an admirable thing. Of course, all women would love to look gorgeous all the time, but they just don’t know what to do with the little time they have. The truth is, you can still tidy yourself up and get the kids to school in record time!

With the help of Sigma Brushes Australia, we have compiled some of the best guides on Pinterest that can help you with your beauty regimen. We got you all covered! From morning to evening, we’re sharing you some of the best tips you can ever find.

5-minute Makeup for Busy Moms on the Go

This is a great infographic that displays every step of what you need to complete your regimen. From prepping down to getting your lips done, they have timed it perfectly on how long it will last. It’s a good process to follow especially if you want that simple look for your face. They also have a recommended set of makeup that can very well compliment your face.

18 Makeup Tutorials That Take Less Than 10 Minutes Anyone Can Do

If you have some spare time to practice your makeup routine, we recommend this list of 18 makeup tutorials that you can do in less than 10 minutes. It’s an awesome list as it has broken down different makeup techniques that you can do in 3, 5, 10-minute increments. On the other hand, the instructions are really simple to follow; perfect if you need to freshen up and glance back at your phone.

Makeup for Moms: 5 Products, 4 Steps, 2 Minutes

Moms barely have any time for makeup; that’s why you’re viewing this list! If you still want to look your prettiest without compromising your time and your budget, then this is the Pin for you. Keep looking glamorous even on a tight budget—alternatively, why not splurge a little and invest on your own Sigma cosmetics kit? Instead of buying cheap makeup accessories, you can actually save more by buying authentic cosmetics than buying accessories every now and then.

Follow a skin care routine

True beauty lies within, and without makeup to cover it. Most of the time, moms don’t have ten, five, or three minutes to spare for a makeup routine. The best routine still is skin care. In this infographic, they have simply lay out what you need to do that won’t even take too much of your mommy time. We recommend following this regimen to take care of your skin. Putting on makeup wouldn’t bring much of a difference if the canvas isn’t in pristine condition. Once you develop the habit of taking care of your skin from morning to night, it wouldn’t be necessary to apply makeup every now and then.

Feel pretty and confident without taking a lot of time, even if you’re just staying home with the littles! A little bit of beauty in you can help uplift the mood and even increase your energy throughout the day. Increase you mom-fidence and be a more effective, charming mom and wife!

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