Four changes to make your home more energy efficient

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As homeowners, we are always looking for ways to save energy. For one thing, we want to make our home more energy efficient to save money. With heating bills rising, it can leave many families feeling the pinch all year round so they try to find ways to save energy so they can stop their expensive bills. Also, a lot of homeowners want to save energy for environmental reasons. After all, we all want to do our bit to stop climate change for the future generations. But a lot of us are unsure of ways to make our home more energy efficient. Therefore, here are four changes to make to your home to make it more energy efficient.

Replace your windows

It’s a good idea to look at your windows if you want to make your home more energy efficient. You might be surprised by how much energy is lost through your windows. You might have cracks which mean energy is lost through these during the colder months which will stop your room feeling as warm. Therefore, make sure you fix these quickly to save you using so much energy. If you find that the windows are old and not holding the heat in your room, you might want to replace the windows entirely. You can get some brand new energy efficient windows which will keep the warm temperatures in your property. They will have the best double glazing options and will be long-lasting to ensure you don’t need to replace them any time soon. You will soon notice a price drop in your bills after installing the brand new windows.

Change your front door

The front door is another area in your home where you might be losing energy. There are often spaces in the edges of the door which can leave your property feeling cold meaning you need to use more energy. One thing you can do if this is occurring is to replace the weatherstripping. This is around the door and provides a seal to stop the hot air escaping from your property. It works during the harshest of weathers, so make sure you have good weatherstripping before the winter months. Also, make sure the door is fitting in its frame properly. Sometimes you need to clean around the door to ensure it fits properly to save energy. You could also change the front door so that you can have an energy efficient option at the front of your home. If you look at front doors, you will find that new options are fitted with insulating foam and the door frame and seals stop the loss of heat. Therefore, you can enjoy energy savings if you go for a brand new front door which will stop thermal bridges and keep your home nice and warm throughout the colder months.

Replace old lighting

A lot of homeowners are still using old lighting which is not as energy efficient as newer halogen bulbs. These old incandescent light bulbs end up using so much energy and they don’t even last as long as new models. A lot of people just find it easier to replace them as they are cheaper. But even though you might find the newer halogen bulbs are more expensive, they do last longer. Not only this, but they save a ton of energy so you can ensure your home is more energy efficient. This will also have an impact on your bills if you do use bulbs that are more energy efficient. And remember to turn off to light bulbs when you are not using them. You don’t want to waste energy just because you forgot to turn off the light. You could look at getting some form of nest system which can control the lights. That way, you can adjust them as necessary so you are not using as much energy and you can keep an eye on the total spend. You can then make changes as necessary to help cut the cost of your bills. Also, if you forget to turn them off when you go out, you can use your smartphone to turn off the lights.

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