Four Reasons Parenting in an RV Is a Little Different

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There’s no experience quite like traveling in an RV. It’s one that every kid deserves to have!

It’s easier than ever before to get your hands on a set of RV keys because you can very easily rent one from Outdoorsy. Start in Ohio, do a little traveling, and return home. Or, you can purchase an RV and spend months or years on the road with your family.

Either way, you’re sure to have a lot of fun, but you’re sure to realize parenting is really different in an RV. Preparing yourself ahead of time with these four facts will help ensure your trip is a success, no matter how much time you end up spending on the road.

Lots of Noise

Kids make a lot of noise. Whether they’re laughing, fighting, or just playing, you can escape all the clatter when you’re at home. That’s not the case in an RV.

You also have to be considerate of other RVers who are staying in the park. If you’re parked next to a retired couple, there will likely be a little tension.

Dealing with the noise in an RV is a balance between rules and letting your kids be kids. Don’t be surprised if you end up planning quiet times throughout the day to cope.

More Collaboration

As parents, it’s our job to teach kids how to make good decisions. There’s no better way to do that than in an RV!

When you live in such a small space and do nearly everything together as a family, it is important that everyone has some say in decisions that are being made. In an RV, that might mean letting the kids decide:

  • What’s for dinner
  • What museum to go to
  • How to share screen time
  • Who should be responsible for which chores
  • Rules to follow when the RV is on the road
  • And more

You Can’t Ignore Problems

It’s a lot easier to ignore emotions than to deal with them, even though it’s bad for our health. The good and bad news is that you can’t really ignore problems when you live in an RV with your family.

If your children are mad at each other, they can’t go to their rooms and ignore each other. There’s nowhere to hide! Instead, living in an RV forces everyone to work through their problems as they come up.

Rules for Privacy

Privacy is a huge issue when living in an RV. It can be really hard to get a little private time when everyone is living in the same small space.

Privacy rules are a must. If a door is shut or a curtain is closed, everyone should knock and ask to enter. You may also want to have a space that is dedicated to alone time.

Living in an RV with your family can be a ton of fun, even if parenting is a little different. Keep these things in mind before you get in the RV and you can solve a few problems before they even arise.