Fun Ways to Treat Your Kids Without Blowing the Budget

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Category: Parenting Tips

Taking the kids for a day out to a big attraction can be really expensive. Even with family tickets, prices can be out of reach for bigger families or those who only have one income. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of cheap alternatives to the big attractions that will still let you treat your kids to a great day. Here are some ideas for the next time you feel like having some quality family time but want to stay in budget.

Go Swimming

Heading down to the local swimming baths is great way to spend a few hours together. If you can get there when the pool is reserved for a kids-only session, you may even find that they have water toys and inflatables to make it an even more fun experience for children. 

The other great thing about going swimming is that it is really affordable. If your child cannot yet swim, you could make this a regular thing and take them down every week or every month to teach them to swim. 

Go on an Adventure Hike 

Around the countryside especially, there are plenty of different places that you can go for an exciting, adventure hike. Forests are always a winner with young children who can let their imagination run wild as they play among the trees, mounds and hills. 

Another great place for an adventure hike is a nature reserve. These are great, because there is usually so much wildlife around, which makes it an educational trip too! The added bonus of getting out and exploring nature is that it is usually free, and you can take a picnic to enjoy as a cheap lunch.

Have a Meal Out 

Treating the family to a meal out is always a special and exciting experience. It’s a good idea to check the menu first if you are going somewhere new, but there are plenty of pubs like the hole in the wall that offer a children’s menu and something a little more exciting for the adults.  

Many pubs that you come across will have a children’s play area or some kind of games, such as a skittle alley or pool table for older children. There are plenty of child friendly pubs around, and you can usually see what they’re like by looking for reviews online. 

Find Free Local Activities

You might be surprised by the number of local events that are happening in your area. Some of them are not very well promoted, so you may have to do some digging online or in the local newspaper. However, once you find them, they are usually run by dedicated people who have been doing it for years. 

Some examples of activities you might find in your local area include sports activities, crafts, singing, dancing and general play groups. These are great places for your children to make new friends, and they are usually very cheap to attend, if not free.