Garden Activities: The Importance Of Making Memories Outdoors

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There is nothing better than looking back on your life and thinking of all the amazing family memories you have. During the summer we make many memories with our children, getting to spend quality time together in the summer holidays. As the weather gets warmer, you have the chance to spend more time outdoors! Spending time outside is so important for both children and adults. Not only does it make for a fantastic environment for you to spend time together, it is also really good for you. From getting your vitamin D to improving your mental health, spending time outdoors is integral for your health.

Making memories outdoors is really important, some of my best childhood memories are those where I was outside playing. With the rise of technology, children are spending less time outdoors, which is something we need to change! It can be difficult to think of fun garden activities where you can make memories together. Well, fear no more! I’ve teamed up with Greensleeves, experts in lawn care, to give you five family garden activities you can do this summer! Keep reading for some fun garden activities that will help you to make memories outdoors.

5 Family Garden Activities


Having a BBQ is a fantastic way to get the whole family together. Of all garden activities this is one of the most popular, probably because delicious food is involved! Barbeques give you the opportunity to get together and spend the entire afternoon and evening in good company and outdoors. Once the food is out the way you can move on to various games so everyone stays entertained no matter what their age. It is a jam packed day full of opportunities to make memories.

Ball Games

Nothing gets the kids outside quite like the opportunity to play a game. Whether it’s football, basketball or handball, there is a ball game out there that everybody can enjoy. Not only does this get you all outdoors making some fantastic memories, it also gets you moving! Exercising is so important and games like this encourage all of the family to get active.

Chalk Drawing

To fulfil your artsy side, grab some chalk and find some pavement in need of some decorating. Chalk drawing is a fantastic way to decorate the ground and let your arty side run wild, knowing that once the rain comes (and the rain WILL come), your canvas will clear up again. Kids love to get involved with this, and you can even draw games like hopscotch and noughts and crosses to play.

Slip and Slide

Nothing screams fun quite like getting out a good old slip and slide. The kids absolutely love running back to the top and slipping down all over again, and adults can get involved too if they want to! You can either buy a ready to go slip and slide or make one yourself out of some heavy duty plastic, just make sure it works well before getting everybody excited about it.


If slipping and sliding isn’t your style then a pool is a great alternative. Whether it’s a large family sized pool, or a small inflatable paddling pool, splashing around in the water is one of many great garden activities. This is particularly handy on those extra hot days we get, perfect to help the whole family cool down. It can also help get little ones used to water and even help them learn to swim if the pool is big enough!

Summer is the perfect time to make memories with your family, and what better place to do that than in the garden. What garden activities do you do with your family in the summer? Let me know in the comments!