Get Summer Ready With a Full Body Detox: Your Pre-Summer Guide to Cleansing

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Did you gain a few extra pounds during the winter that you’re trying to get rid of in time for beach season? Or does your body feel a bit more sluggish than usual due to lax eating habits? The good news is that you can still detoxify and get summer ready. Here’s what you need to know to get started on your full-body detox.  

What Is a Full Body Detox?

A full body detox is a process that anyone can do at home with the right products. It’s a temporary plan people follow so they can get rid of built-up toxins inside their bodies. Though the body is designed to purify and cleanse itself through the kidneys, skin, liver and digestive system, sometimes it may need a little boost.

It’s not uncommon for people to become more relaxed with their fitness regimens and food intake around the holidays. When this happens, they are more likely to consume sugary, processed foods. Unhealthy foods and drinks, illness and a variety of other factors can cause a buildup of toxins inside the body. It can be very challenging for the body to get rid of all these toxins.

A full body detox can help by giving your body the extra help it needs to push unwanted substances out. The way this happens depends on the type of detox being conducted. Some people simply detox by drinking a lot more water than usual for a period of time, while others may eat or drink only specific things during their detox period.

Another way to detoxify your body that is much less restrictive is by consuming Polisorb periodically. It’s an odorless, tasteless product that can cleanse the digestive tract of toxins.

How Polisorb Can Help Detox Your Body for Summer

If you’re ready to cleanse detoxify your body, Polisorb is a great option. It can help you reach your detox goals with minimal effort and time so you can enjoy a summer-ready body. Why limit yourself to rigorous eating and drinking cleanses that require intense dietary restrictions for a period of time when you can simply take Polisorb as needed?

Polisorb is silicon dioxide that works by attracting viruses, bacteria and other toxins to itself, then leading them out of the body on its way through the digestive tract. It’s free from common allergens, including peanut, soy, tree nuts, wheat, fish, eggs and dairy.

Research shows that Polisorb is effective at binding to harmful toxins and quickly escorting them out of the body. It’s commonly used as a periodic digestive tract cleanse, but it is also used to provide fast relief from occasional digestive discomfort due to overindulgence or the ingestion of foodborne viruses and other toxins. It’s easy to cleanse the body with Polisorb because you simply take the recommended dosage with ½ cup of water one hour before or after meals. To use as a cleanse, take the product three times a day for up to a week. Cleansing regularly may help minimize digestive discomfort and help boost your health so you’re energetic and confident when summer finally arrives.