Getting the Kids Ready For a Long Flight

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You’ve booked the family holiday of your lifetime, and you can’t wait to take the kids down to the beach to play in the sea and make huge castles. But before all of that, you have to get through the dreaded flight!

Lets face it, kids can be annoying. No matter how much we love them, they still have tendencies to be agitated, restless and upset. This really is the last thing that you want to happen on your eight hour flight to Jamaica. But do not fear! We are here to give you the advice that you need to ensure that your kids stay well rested, quiet and entertained throughout your flight!

Always Organise

A badly organised journey is a lot more likely to result in a restless or agitated child. Make sure that you are meticulous while planning your journey, and make sure that you child is aware that you are properly organised and prepared. If you show signs of panic or stress, then your child will likely play up to this. So make sure that you pre-book your airport parking (you can use cheap Heathrow Airport Parking deals to save money), that you know which terminal you are flying from, that you have all the correct documents with you, and that you arrive with plenty of time to spare!

Establish a Few Rules

Make sure that your child is aware of what to expect when they get on the plane. Teach them about what is socially acceptable behaviour on a plane, and take them through a few ground rules. You don’t have to do this sternly, just letting them know will suffice. This will prepare your children for what the flight will be like, as well as gently reminding them of the way that they should act while on a flight.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

  • Bring the Games: That’s right, nothing keeps a kid quiet quite as well as a game! Whether you want to bring a nintendo, game boy or pack of cards, you child is a lot more likely to stay quiet if they are engrossed in technology or games! Consider buying a selection of new games to keep them periodically entertained throughout your journey.
  • Films and Music: Keep your kids entertained through the use of music, films and television programmes. Make sure that you bring a phone or tablet, as well as some good quality headphones, in order to keep your kids well entertained!
  • Books and Reading: Consider bringing a book to keep your child well entertained. A good book will make the journey a lot more enjoyable, plus it will also help them with their literacy skills!

The Power of Resting Up

It may be a little tricky to get the kids off to sleep on the flight, but it is definitely worth a go! Your flight will be a lot more enjoyable for you and your child if they are well rested! Make sure that you bring a pillow for comfort, some earbuds to block out sound, and even an eye mask to block out any light. This give your child the best chance of napping during your flight. A lot of children will find it a lot easier to sleep in unfamiliar environments if they have something familiar with them. Consider bringing their childhood blanket or teddy bear to help comfort them while on the flight.

Bring their Favourite Snacks

One of the biggest reasons that children act out include the infamous HANGER! When your child is hungry, they may transfer this feeling into anger, agitation or irritability. Make sure that you minimise the potential agitation or bad mood by bringing your child’s favourite snacks! This is also a great way to save a few pennies as well. The on-flight meals tend to be a little pricey, so save yourself some money by bringing snacks with you!

Pay the Attention

A lot of children will act out if they feel that they are not getting adequate attention from their parents. Remember that being in an unfamiliar environment may put your child on edge, and they may be craving a bit of comfort and encouragement from you. Make sure that you say well done, hold their hand and smile at them when they need it.

Heading out on a family holiday is a really lovely experience. Not only will you be traveling abroad and experiencing a different part of the world, but you will also be able to spend some well deserved quality time with the family too. So why not make the flight just as relaxing as the actual holiday, and make use of these top tips. May this be your most peaceful flight yet!