Gift Ideas For Dads: Mens Grooming Kits And More…

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Dads are renowned for being extremely difficult to buy for. There’s only so many times you can buy your dad some new socks or a mug before it starts to get silly. After all, buying gifts is supposed to be about showing someone you care and know about their interests.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to spend a fortune or give up hours to traipse around the shops for the perfect gift. There are plenty of foolproof ways to make your dad happy…

Pamper products

Perhaps your dad or husband is a workaholic and doesn’t sit still for very long. In this case, you could go for some relaxing or pampering products to encourage some downtime. There are plenty of face masks, bath products, and more out there, so busy dads can give themselves some well-deserved TLC.

The English Shaving Company are based in Sheffield and offer a wide range of the finest quality mens grooming kits, shaving tools, skincare, fragrances, and more. Having a range of useful products all in one kit means that even busy dads can benefit from a special and luxurious pamper routine. Plus, their products would all make perfect gifts as they only supply brands of the highest quality, but at affordable prices.

Day out or trip

If the man in your life really does have everything, why not treat him to a day out? Whether he’s the adventurous type and would enjoy an activity like paintballing or mountain-biking, or you think he’d love to explore a new city or visit the theatre, there are day’s out to suit everyone. Get your thinking cap on and consider a day that would suit the kids and adults, so there is minimal moaning throughout.

If your husband or dad has a milestone birthday coming up, you could even treat them to a long weekend away. Head to the countryside for a relaxing spa weekend or fly to a foreign city you’ve never been to before, to create birthday memories that will never be forgotten. 

Go practical

If you are more of a practical gift buyer, think about household appliances or tools that the men in your life use on a daily basis. When buying things for ourselves, we tend not to go for the more expensive options. Buying for other people allows us to go for something a little more luxurious!

Is your dad an avid coffee drinker? You could treat him to a top of the range coffee machine. Perhaps your husband spends hours with his head in a good book at the weekends? You could go for a new personalised bookcase.Sometimes, paying attention to items that our other halves genuinely use every day, can give us plenty of inspiration for gift ideas.

Get creative

Even dads can be suckers for soppy gifts. So, if your budget is limited, you could make your own personal present. Something as simple as creating a photo collage with a range of favourite family photos or printing a name on an apron can really touch the heart!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a creative eye, there are plenty of options available online to personalise practically anything and transform it into a special gift.