Great Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

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Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary or even just because you feel like spoiling him, finding the right gift for your husband or boyfriend is not as easy as it should be. Unless they’ve asked for something specific, you’ll probably face the age-old problem that no gift giver wants to come up against: they seem to have everything! Of course, that’s never true, and there will always be something you can give them which they will not have thought of themselves. If you’re racking your brains trying to think of the perfect gift for that special man, here are some ideas to get you started

Gifts for Active Men

Whether he’s a gym addict, a cycling enthusiast, a seasoned runner, an outdoorsman or even if he’s just started out on a new fitness regime, your choice of gifts is almost endless.  Practical gifts can be as romantic as any if it’s clear you’ve thought about what could make their workouts more enjoyable. Consider getting him a new pair of trainers, exercise clothes or even fitness equipment or a new fitness tracker such as a FitBit. On the other hand, if he likes to get outside for this exercise then a travel backpack or a strong pair of walking boots.

Gifts for Adventurous Men

If he’s not really a collector of ‘things’ and prefers to get out there and get involved, experience gifts are perfect. Try an experience gift company like Red Letter Days where you can choose from driving, adventure, flying, short breaks, restaurants or even pampering depending on what you think he’ll enjoy most. Alternatively, buy them a voucher which they can redeem so they can choose exactly what they want to do.

Gifts for Stylish Men

If he takes pride in his appearance, take the opportunity to spoil him with some new aftershave or some quality grooming products. Facial hair is a big trend at the moment, and there are lots of beard and moustache care and styling kits out there to choose from. If you know what he likes, you may also be able to choose him some trendy new clothes, shoes, and accessories like a new tie or a pair of sunglasses for the summer. You can head online to find a great range of sunglasses for men as well, for instance, which you can order with the touch of a button.

Gifts for Technology Men

Computer games and online gaming is hugely popular with people of all ages and if your man has caught the buzz you might be able to help him indulge his hobby with some new gaming technology. Headsets, controllers, chairs, and games are just a few of the gifts you can consider.

Gifts for Intellectual Men

For men who are constantly on the hunt for knowledge and discovery, you can’t go wrong with a book on their favourite subject or by their favourite author. You can also buy subscriptions to book or magazine delivery services which will send him a book every few months based on his tastes.

Don’t Forget About the Personal Touch

Nothing beats a unique gift, and nowadays it’s easier than ever to personalise your gifts with messages or the recipient’s name. This can make your gift extra special so that it is remembered for years to come.