Great Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Collection

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One of the reasons that people become conflicted about continuing their favourite collections is because they aren’t sure what to do with them. Once you’ve finished tracking down the perfect items, a sense of disillusionment can develop.

What should I do with my collection now?

Will I just keep expanding forever?

How can I do more with these items that I love?

All of these questions are common among hobbyist collectors. It’s natural to be unsure about what to do next – but there are ways that you can do more with your collection. Here’s how to do it!

Connect With Other Collectors

Not everyone who sees your collection is going to understand or appreciate it in the same way that you do. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of collecting! While they may find it impressive, it takes an educated enthusiast to fully understand.

One way to feel more proud of and connected with your collection is to become friends with others who collect the same or similar items as you do.

Once you have these friendships, you can share photos of new finds with each other, share advice on where to get more items, and, most importantly, show off your collections!

Having someone who understands your collection available to make you feel that you’re doing a good job is important, especially in such an independent hobby as collecting.

Display It Somewhere At Home

If you’re not already displaying your collection, reorganise and find a place where you can put your collection on display. Collectible figurines (see the figurines at for high-quality, licensed pieces), while great to find and collect, should be put up somewhere you can admire them.

After all, if you’re going to spend time finding, purchasing, and collecting these items, you should be able to enjoy them on a daily basis rather than needing to pull them all out of storage to see what you have gathered.

Find a tactful way to put your collectible figurines on display, and you will feel re-energized in following this hobby.

Rotating Your Collection

One final way to make sure that you are making the most of your collection is to rotate which items are most prominently displayed most often. Do you have some small collectible figurines that are hidden away behind larger or new items?

Every few weeks, take the time to reassess how you are displaying the items. Are there some items you want to see more of? Do certain items fit the time of year better than others do?

Think about what you love about the items and continually improve the way you display your collection to ensure that you are getting the most from your collection!

Sell Off Some Items

While it may be sad, our collecting habits will change over time, and you may have some items that you simply don’t get as much joy out of anymore.

You find your overall collection to be more fantastic and interesting if you let go of these items to make room for new ones. By selling off the old items that no longer capture your interest, you will be able to expand your collection in a more meaningful way.