Hack Your Life: Android Apps to Help You Every Day and Night

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It’s always with you and has the utility of a superhero’s belt – if you know how to use it right. Your Android phone is only as powerful as the apps it contains. Here is a list of apps to help you day and night.

Stay On Top of Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners are on the go in the digital age. However, leaving the physical business and workers behind creates anxiety. Stay on top of clients, workers, and projects with Slack. Customize the app to fit your business needs.

Don’t Forget the Kids Need a Ride to Soccer

Remember how writers of the past always carried around a notepad so they would not lose sight of thoughts? They were onto something. Today, you can keep track of all the day’s tasks, needs, wants and more via Wunderlist. Create one-time or recurring tasks and never forget milk, birthdays, or the name of your brother’s latest girlfriend.

Know if That Sign Says Welcome or You’re Not Welcome

Those who travel the world may not have time to learn its hundreds of languages and thousands of sub-dialects. Even more, it may be difficult to translate something unspoken, such as a sign. But you can easily take a picture of it. Google Translate makes it easier to be a foreigner. The tool has evolved over the years and remains one of Google’s best.

Plan It Another Day

It would be a shame if you planned a mini vacation during a rainy day. It would have been better to know the weather ahead of time. That way, the kids would not be so disappointed. You don’t have to let it happen again with weather by Apalon apps.

Leave a Good Tip

What’s 20% of the bill? You were an Arts major and cannot calculate such things without the aid of a calculator. Don’t fret. Download Financial Calculators and do simple calculations to derive at a tip or complex ones to find out how long it will take for you to pay back a bank loan.

Send It to the Accountant

CamScanner is one of those apps that comes in incredibly handy. For example, it’s tax season and your accountant needs a doc but you don’t have time to send it snail. You don’t have a scanner. No problem. Take a picture and transform it into a PDF. Some advanced features necessitate ongoing payment.

Read It Later

Pocket works great for those who find it commonplace for ten or more tabs to be open at once. You can place all of that content in Pocket to read later. A huge problem for workers is finding focus. You don’t have to forget about that article about the celebrity marriage forever – just until later. Now, you can get back on task.

Switch It Up

The Android can do so many things, yet your home screen and tones remain the same. That’s not true after downloading Zedge. It’s a mobile content discovery platform. People upload content so others can customize their mobile devices.