History and Evolution of Live Casino Technology

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People always struggled to get the best experience, while playing games online. The only problem with digital slot machines and table games of the early 2000s was the lack of real humans on the other side of the screen. It does not feel immersive enough for some players to enjoy games online, while they were not able to see, who they are playing with. It looked like these games were fake and there was nothing that could bring the traditional adrenalin rush from offline casinos.

The first steps of the live casino revolution

Online casino providers always had an idea of live casino games. It was not something new, considering the first attempts were made in the 1998 year. Technologies would not allow online platforms to fully integrate full-scale live games. Microgaming company was among the first ones, who at least tried to move in the right direction.

The first games of the late 90s had a lot of issues. Computers were limited in their hardware power and the internet itself was very slow. It was almost impossible to present a stable image of the real dealer with a digital interface on the client’s side.

But online casinos never stopped progressing. Each year, the number of active users was growing, allowing the website to use more advanced technologies, like the one from PM Tech academy or other worldwide known providers. The rise of live casinos began in the mid-2000s.

Live casinos were introduced to the market even before the first smartphones were presented. The first true live casino experience was presented to the audience of players in 2006 when the software allowed to broadcast live streams with 480p resolution. Real dealers were handling cards and roulette wheels and back then it looked like a revolution.

What is even more important, it was the time, when the smartphone revolution happened and almost every person in the world has bought at least the cheapest Android or iOS device. It allowed online casinos to provide their products to an even wider audience of players. HTML5 was also another reason why live dealers have become much popular nowadays, as this web technology allowed people to enjoy casinos on all platforms.

Why Evolution was the most effective company for live gambling?

The big part of Live Casino games belongs to Evolution. This company has done everything possible to make immersive gambling mainstream. Developers have worked on multiple concepts of how the player should interact with the digital interface of such games. The development team of this company has picked a number of prestigious international awards.

The last decade was filled with high-quality content of this company. In 2017 they have released a massive hit named Dream Catcher. It was one of the strongest titles to this day, as many online casinos still use it as a benchmark experience in terms of live gambling. They used the most advanced tech to create a feeling of playing a TV show at any time.

Nowadays, almost any modern software provider is trying to compete in the live gambling market. Such games became a standard for the industry, so it is possible to find a lot of decent live casino products, no matter what online casino the player will choose to spend free time. Even giants like Net Entertainment, who have previously worked on slot machines exclusively, have done an amazing job of adapting their software for live gambling experience.