How Do I Choose An Educational Consultant?

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Millions of students worldwide fall short of their dream education every year because of a lack of guidance.


These students might have the financial backgrounds to pursue some of the best educational institutions in the world. However, money alone isn’t enough to get a high-quality education.


Proper guidance is also required to get a solid education and make it into a fruitful career path. This is where consulting a professional like the team at Fortuna Admissions can be of value.


Here are a few things to remember to choose the best educational consultant for you:

Career history

When looking for an educational consultant, the first thing to look for is their career history. Most consultants publish this on their website or business brochure, so you won’t have much trouble finding it.


Look for how many students they have helped, across how many courses. The best ones will have statistics showing their success rates, so look for those.


If the consultant you’re considering doesn’t have a published career history, it’s a red flag and you should look for another.

Incentive or Scholarship

Check whether the consultant provides help with incentives or scholarships. A professional who can get you a scholarship or financial aid is a great find. Not only will your education be secure, but you’ll also have no qualms paying the consultant’s fee as most of your money is already saved.


If the educational consultant only recommends expensive programs from universities that aren’t great, they might be guiding you on the wrong path. This happens when consultants get commissions from universities. In such cases, you’re better off without them.


Nothing’s worse than professionals who’re only in it for the money and have no real knowledge. These types are only interested in making money for themselves and don’t care about your future.


On the other hand, there are many ethical consultants out there who have a passion for education. These people love their work and have the knowledge base to show for it.


Always look for professionals who excel at consulting. One way to find these is through the testimonial section of their websites.


Another way is to tap into your social network and look for recommendations from your online friends. A third way is to get in touch with international education bodies and get a list of certified professionals active in your country.

In Closing

The best educational consultants will always put your needs before theirs. They’ll consider your budget and keep your aptitude in mind.


Spending a few weeks looking for a great fit will not only save your money but also your educational future.