How Does The Tulip Bulbs Grow

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How does the tulip grow?

The tulip may be a beautiful flower, which is out there in many various colors and heights. From April to the top of May the Dutch tulip bulbs fields are in bloom, this excellent picture attracts tons of attention, every single year. The tulips also contribute to tourism and thus the worldwide reputation of Holland as a flower bulb supplier.

But what does the expansion process of a tulip actually look like?

When are the tulip bulbs planted?

Tulips belong to the group of autumn bulbs. This suggests that these bulbs are going to be planted in fall: October and November. The tulips bloom within the early spring. the sooner the tulip grower plants the bulbs, the faster the tulip bulbs will become “sprouts”. The soil remains fairly warm within the fall. When planted early, the bulbs are going to be more immune to the approaching period with frost. If the frost is already within the ground, or the soil remains very wet, it’s wise to not plant tulip bulbs, the likelihood is that the bulbs won’t survive and decay.

Which tulip bulbs are going to be planted?

The tulip bulbs are generally sorted from small to large, the grower decides what size bulbs he wants to plant and which part of his bulbs are sold. for instance, tulip bulbs from size 4 to about size 10 return to their own soil. The larger bulbs, from size 10 to 13, the higher they’re purchasable. Or these large bulbs are going to be wont to grow a tulip within the hatchery during the winter.

How is that tulip bulb planted?

The grower plants the tulip bulbs about 15 centimeters deep in the soil. This depth has also been chosen to guard the bulb from frost. If the bulbs aren’t planted deep enough, there’s an opportunity that the frost will reach the tulip bulbs which the tulip won’t have enough strength to grow out of the soil during its flowering period. But the frost also brings something good. The cold season ensures that the tulip bulbs develop strong roots. For an honest root, it’s important that the soil is airy and doesn’t stay wet for too long. Too wet soil causes the bulbs to suffocate then rot.


The tulip bulbs are planted in nets. This is often a well-functioning system to simply get the tulips out of the bottom once they are ready. The tulip grower scatters extra nutrients (fertilizer) on his soil within the winter. This provides the plant sufficient nutrition to permit the tulip to bloom fully within the spring.

Sales and Exports

The large tulip bulbs are sold to trading companies that package the bulbs then sell them to many garden centers, hardware stores, and chain stores. you’ll buy them there to plant in your own garden.

The largest part of the tulip bulbs is exported and goes round the whole world. There are many tulip lovers in America, Asia, and therefore the Middle East who enjoy dutch tulip bulbs at Dutch Grown!