How is Technology Helping Diabetes?

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If you suffer from diabetes, the good news is that there are technologies out there which can help you manage your condition. From diabetes apps to blood glucose meters. There are many apps to choose from that can help you keep control of your condition. To find the best diabetes app, the internet is an invaluable source for this kind of technology. All medical conditions can benefit from being monitored and controlled and diabetes is a good example of where it becomes important.

Diabetes Apps

When downloaded to and synchronized with a compatible smartphone, a diabetes app will allow a diabetes sufferer to simply wave their phone over a sensor on their arm and establish a real-time reading of the glucose level. It is a major development in the management of diabetes.

Apps are compatible with a range of iPhones and watches for portability. It is possible to view the data relating to blood sugar levels and to analyse it instantly. This means that it is possible to track everything in the one place to control blood glucose levels in a timely manner. Then, with that information to hand, to eat more food, take more pills, or administer another insulin injection, so that exercise and other activities can then be initiated or continued. The apps provide reassurance that the body is then prepared for its next task. The effect of getting this wrong is ultimately going into a hypoglycaemic coma when the blood sugar level has been allowed to reach too low a level unchecked.

The features of diabetes apps include: nutritional databases with carbohydrate tracking, blood glucose logging, the tracking of physical activity in relation to weight, sharing data for social support, regulation guidelines and precautions for patients, and short message and service reminders. These features will vary between devices, but they will, apart from measuring blood glucose levels in more advanced versions, consist of information for patients in relation to the condition of diabetes, along with tracking and monitoring features.

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Blood Glucose Meters

Blood glucose meters measure blood sugar levels in real-time so that sufferers know instantly what needs to be done – whether it is that they rectify their low sugar situation through diet, prescription pills, or insulin injections.

Modern blood glucose meters offer a variety of features, including small dimensions, extensive memory capacities, manipulation techniques in relation to blood glucose, and computer downloading options.

The factors to consider in choosing a blood glucose meter include insurance coverage, price, how easy it is to use and maintain, the special features it has, and the support that is provided by its supplier.

For the device to be considered accurate for use in home testing situations, it is a requirement of the FDA that the blood glucose meter provides 99 per cent of blood glucose measurements within 20 percent of laboratory results and 95 per cent of blood glucose measurements within 15 per cent of laboratory results.

There are a range of devices to choose from, so it is a case of finding an approved device that satisfies your requirements in terms of ease of use and the features it provides.

Other Technologies

Technological advancements have also allowed for insulin to be injected with a medication or syringe pen, insulin pumps, and other automated insulin delivering devices. Fitness trackers are now available. The pen allows its user to inject medication both conveniently and accurately. The insulin pumps will deliver insulin 24-7 via a catheter that is inserted under the skin.

One of the greatest advancements, though, which is in keeping with mobile phone technology constantly evolving, is the creation of the diabetes app. Is there nothing that our mobile phones cannot be capable of?