How Technology Affects Children

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It is common knowledge that video games and other technology are having a great effect on children’s lives. The effects range from the mundane, such as a bored child who cannot keep to his or her seat in a car game, to life-threatening emergencies such as traffic accidents. In a recent study, it was found out that children, who are more exposed to technology, tend to have lower grades in school. The report also stated that a child who spends most of his time glued to a television is also likely to suffer from lower self-esteem.

The negative effects of technology on children are not confined to the educational arena alone. Many parents are constantly worried about the effect of video games and other media on their children’s minds. Children who play such games are said to have a poor grasp of reality and are much more prone to aggressive behavior. As a result, many schools are banning the use of video games and other media for obvious reasons. If you’re a parent, there are things that you can do to stop your children from being affected by these negative influences.

The first thing that you need to do is to avoid watching TV shows and movies while your children are young. Children are impressionable and what they see and hear at an early age is often what sticks with them for the rest of their lives. This will be especially detrimental if your children are influenced by TV shows with violence and foul language. As a parent, you must get to the root cause of the problem before you can resolve it. Playing violent video games and watching television shows with mature content can certainly help create an environment that is conducive for bad behavior in children.

There are also many parents who believe that too much computer use can hinder the development of a child’s ability to learn. However, a different study has shown that there is no concrete link between playing computer games and slower learning. In fact, a survey of school children found that when asked what was the biggest factor that helped them succeed in school, most of them indicated that it was playing video games as compared to their parents. Playing computer games can also help a child develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. In some cases, it has even been shown to improve memory, eye-hand coordination, and spatial skills.

The use of high definition technology has also resulted in a large increase in the number of children who are now playing cell phone games instead of playing classic video games. This may seem like a fairly trivial matter, but the effects of this change on children can be quite serious. Children who have access to mobile phones are often found to be less engaged in physical activities than their counterparts. Those who are not constantly connected to a computer are also found to be less engaged in educational activities. Kids who have access to phones are also more likely to use the internet for non-school related things.

The Internet is not a safe place, especially for kids. The dangers can vary from Cyberbullying to sexual predators. Hopefully, with parental control apps, you can monitor your child’s online activities and protect it from cyber threats. One of the best parental monitoring app, FamilyOrbit, help you to detect and alert for inappropriate activities and to monitor your child’s phone activities.

It’s easy to see how technology affects children so deeply. Parents need to take action to ensure that their children are not harmed by technology. Parents can do this by encouraging their children to get in touch with them at any time and asking any questions they might have. Also, you can set some ground rules about how much time the children should spend online and monitor their activity to make sure they are being responsible. If you feel uncomfortable about monitoring your child’s online activity, you can always set a password or screen name to make it more difficult for kids to log in while you are not around.