How to Baby-Proof Your Home on a Budget

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When you’ve got a new addition to your family, your primary concern is to keep them safe and happy. Babies are small, fragile and can seem to get into all sorts of messes around the house. When baby-proofing your home, there are many things to consider that you wouldn’t usually think about. You don’t need expensive gadgets to ensure the safety of your baby. Many things will require little to no budget and will have your home baby-proof in no time. 

Here are five easy and budget-friendly tips for baby-proofing your home. 

1. Secure Furniture to The Wall

Any heavy shelves or other pieces of furniture should be secured to the wall by a bracket or strap. This also includes anything you may have hanging on the wall that is at a height your baby can reach. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase, but they can end up saving your baby from having furniture topple on them.   

2. Choose a Safe Location for the Crib

Be strategic about where you place the crib. If there is anything your baby can get their hands on, they probably will. Make sure to set it up away from any curtains, blinds, lamps or cords. On top of that, make sure you get a crib that is safe and secure. While they can be a pricey item, you can save money using a John Lewis discount code. There are tons of quality crib options available, as well as other goodies for your baby. 

3. Lock Everything!

Any low cabinets should have safety latches or locks. Even objects you may not see as hazardous can be when in the hands of a baby. Any chemicals, such as cleaning liquids or soaps, can pose a danger to your child when ingested. It’s especially important to lock up any medicine cabinets you may have as well. Also, consider getting a lock for your toilet seat. The latch is simple for adults to open and close, but it will prevent your child from falling into the toilet bowl. 

4. Cover Sharp Edges

The corners of coffee tables are notorious for providing babies with big goose eggs. Since babies are unsteady, they will fall quite often, and you don’t want a sharp edge to be in their path. Use corner covers to protect any edges that pose a threat to your baby. (It may even save yourself hitting your shins as well.) 

5. Cover Electrical Outlets and Contain Your Cords

Homes are full of many electrical hazards that you may not consider. It’s vital to install covers on your outlets so that your baby doesn’t try to stick something in them. You can get single outlet covers that fit into the slots or one solid piece that covers the whole outlet. There is now the option of outlet plates that have automatic sliding covers built into the design. When you unplug your cord, the cover will slide back over the outlet. It’s also essential to keep your cords contained and hidden from reach. A cord cover will safely house your cables and keep them organised and out of the way.