How to be an Environmentally Conscious Parent

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It can be easy for parents to not prioritise the planet when there are kids running around the house. 

Let’s be honest, there’s enough to worry about without having to look after the Earth as well.

But there are ways to ensure you can be a great parent and maintain your green credentials. And if you do it now, your little ones might also take an interest, which can assure that we have more eco-friendly planet for the future. 

So, what are some easy ways to become an environmentally conscious parent? Scroll down and you may just find out. 

Biodegradable Nappies by Cheeky Panda

Normally, nappies end up on a landfill, piling up, slowly having a negative effect on the planet.  

Luckily, brands like Cheeky Panda are here to offer a super sustainable solution. Cheeky Panda’s Nappies are made from natural bamboo and are an amazing two-thirds biodegradable. According to the sustainable brand, they are working on making them 100% biodegradable, too. 

These eco-friendly nappies are plastic-free, plus they boast ‘Aqua-lock’ technology which ensures your baby can run and dance in comfort while avoiding unfortunate spills. 

As these nappies are made from bamboo, they’re also naturally hypoallergenic and super soft on your babies’ skin. So you don’t need to worry about sacrificing quality for the sake of the planet!

Buy or borrow second-hand

You don’t need to buy new things for your kids. 

As much as they’ll tell you that they need the latest toys or clothes, that doesn’t mean that they can’t come from sites like Freecycle or eBay. 

There’s also no stopping you from accepting second-hand clothes and toys from friends who have older children. Not only is it cheaper to do so, but you’re reusing things that would otherwise end up being thrown out and given them a new lease of life. 

This especially applies to things like plastic toys and games!

Go plastic-free

While we’re on the subject of plastic…

Have a look around your home and see where you could cut down on single-use plastics – from shopping bags to cleaning products, it’s everywhere, but it doesn’t have to be. 

An easy switch is plastic-free toys from brands like PomPom. These have little effect on the planet and are super imaginative, fun and exciting for kids. 

Take a look in your bathroom too, there are single-use plastics hiding all over the place in there. From your shampoo bottles to your toilet roll, there are many areas of the house which could be switched up in favour of going plastic-free. 

Kids can be an environmental nightmare with the amount of new products they require as they grow up, many of which don’t lend themselves to being eco-friendly. 

But a few simple switches here and there, like the ones above, can make a world of difference not only to you and your children, but to the planet, too.