How to best WFH as a Mother with Young Children

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If you are a mother with young children, the last thing you likely need someone to tell you is that it’s extremely hard work. Children are a job that you don’t clock out from, and the responsibility of taking care of them can leave mothers tired and stressed.

Saying this, there is little doubt that many wouldn’t change things for the world, and that being a mother is a source of great joy and satisfaction – but this doesn’t mean that mothers don’t want to carry on working, and many will want to actively earn income in the meantime.

Now that working from home, as well as hybrid working, are a fully accepted and integrated part of the world of work, it opens up new opportunities for mothers to do just that. Being able to stay at home means that the children can still be looked after and avoids tricky situations such as hiring a carer to supervise them or giving up a career that has been worked on for many years.

Read on to find out more about methods you can use, as well as products you can buy, to make your working from home experience as a mother as efficient, effective, and stress-free as possible.

Mobile Workstation

One way of ensuring that you are not completely unavailable while working from home is having a mobile workstation, allowing you to move around the house while continuing to work. While it’s great to have a desk or dedicated working space, the challenges involved with having children around may mean that this isn’t entirely feasible.

Thankfully, having a powerful, capable and efficient mobile working station is no problem in the modern-day, with business graphics cards on the market that ensures no matter your profession, your computer or laptop will easily be able to handle everything a workday can throw at it. For example, AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile Workstations provide performance upgrades, security measures, and efficiency improvements.

Keep Routines Flexible

Routines are potentially the most important aspect of managing your responsibilities as a work-from-home mother – both in terms of being consistent during some times of the day while keeping an open mind during others.

With little ones, it’s impossible to know what challenges may lay ahead during the day, which is why it’s important to keep a flexible working mindset during this time. Short bursts of productivity followed by taking time to care for your child will still ensure that your work gets done, just in multiple blocks rather than in one solid period of time.

In order for you to maintain flexible time during the day, having a consistent morning routine will mean that expectations are in place for both you and your child and will mean that the day can get off to the strongest possible start. Expectations are important, as your child needs to have an understanding that you are not constantly available during certain hours of the day.