How to Create the Perfect Family Dining Room

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When you start a growing family, your priorities naturally change; and that applies to your living space, too. You may begin to think differently about the setup of rooms, and how you can use the rooms you have for a more family-friendly purpose. When you have a dining room in your home, this can be one of the most important family rooms you can make use of. 

Why is a Dining Room Important for the Family?

Having a place to sit together as a family is extremely important, especially at mealtimes. It is a chance to catch up and connect, no matter how old your family members are. It is also important for comfort and relaxation, with designated table and chairs so you do not have to worry about where you are going to enjoy family meals

A dining room is also an extremely versatile room, meaning it is not restricted to mealtimes, either. A dining table can be perfect for helping your kids with their homework or enjoying crafts or pastimes together as a family. It can be a sociable room just as much as the living room is, and when holiday celebrations arise, it is also perfect for bigger family get-togethers. 

How to Create the Perfect Family Dining Room 

Here are some ideas for how you can establish a great family dining room in your space.

Get the Right Table and Chairs

The most important feature of your dining room is going to be the table itself, so it is important to get it right. Choose a size which can not only comfortably seat your family members, but also which allows for more room if needed – should you need more space for activities or have more family members over in future (like around the holidays). 

Chairs also need to be supportive and comfortable so that your family will actually enjoy sitting around the table. 

Think About Practicality 

If you are looking for a room the whole family can use on a regular basis (for a variety of activities), then it needs to be practical. Style and comfort are important, but you want to avoid a room you are hesitant to use (or let young children roam around in) for example if it has been decorated in an expensive way. 

Therefore, practicality and functionality are important. This may mean sacrificing on your perfect design style to suit your growing family, but it is an important compromise to make. 

This practicality extends to the furniture materials you choose, too. Durable wood and anything which is easy to clean is better than glass which can easily break, for example. 

Choose Some Houseplants

The dining room is the ideal space to place some greenery, and there are many different varieties to suit a dining space. Houseplants add an important décor feature to the room, have enhancing qualities and also may interest young children who want to learn more about plants and greenery. 

You can buy houseplants online, too, if you do not have the time to browse your nearest garden centre. You could even have the family help to choose the perfect one. 

Plants are also great for the table if you are looking for decoration, or maybe even a centrepiece. 

Get Protective Extras

It is a good idea to invest in protective seat covers and a tablecloth for that extra layer of protection, and those which are easy to clean and wash. Depending on what activity you are doing with the family at the table (like crafts instead of eating a meal) you may need an extra level of protection so that your table does not get marked or stained. 

Seat covers are also great for extra comfort and can also add a stylish touch if they complement your colour scheme. 

Try to Choose a Room or Space Close to the Kitchen

This is a lot more easily accomplished if you have an open plan space. If not, try to opt for a way to have the dining room as close to the kitchen as possible. This will make mealtimes a lot easier and a lot more sociable, as you can keep an eye on the children seated in the dining room while you prepare meals. It will also make it easier for serving and cleaning up, so that you do not have to carry a lot of plates through different rooms to reach the table. 

It is also ideal for those family days if you are using the dining room for pastime activities, as you are then close to the kitchen so can easily make a drink or some snacks as the day passes.

How will you create your perfect family dining room?