How To Create The Perfect Spare Room On A Budget

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When you have a spare bedroom in your home, it can be easy to inadvertently turn it into a space for storage or a dressing area. However, this can make the room look uninviting and can lead to the space being wasted. Thankfully, it’s easy and cheap to convert your spare room into a beautiful and inviting bedroom that your friends and family will love to stay in. Follow these top tips and you’ll soon have a space you love without spending a fortune.

1. Pick a double bed that doesn’t break the bank

A good-quality bed really doesn’t have to break the bank. Although it may be tempting to put a single bed in your spare room to maximise the space and save a bit of money, you should instead look for an affordable double bed that matches the style of your space. Remember, the bed is often the centrepiece of a room, and will set the theme and tone for your spare room. For example, while a steel bed frame can add an industrial feel, a canopy bed will add a sense of luxury.

To keep costs low, buy a cheaper mattress and then add a foam topper. This will make the overall cost much lower and it will still provide the same level of comfort; especially if the bed is only slept on occasionally.

2. Invest in smart storage solutions

Storage space is still important in a spare room. After all, it’s a space in your home that needs to work for you 365 days a year, not just when friends come to stay. That being said, your guests won’t feel relaxed surrounded by all of your things. As a result, you should channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter the space.

By investing in smart storage solutions like under-bed storage and baskets, you’ll be able to keep the storage space you need, with the option to hide the storage or to make it stylish. Plus, plenty of budget-friendly options for storage are available, so choose options like clothing rails and shelving units rather than large wardrobes and storage cabinets to help keep your budget intact.

3. Add a lick of paint

If you’re currently using your spare room for storage, it’s likely that you’ve knocked and scratched the paintwork while moving things around. Although spare rooms can be dark and tired spaces, a quick lick of paint can really freshen it up.

Painting the walls with a neutral emulsion and painting the skirting boards with white gloss can be completed in the space of a weekend (even allowing for a few coats). This will really transform the space and leave it looking like new. Plus, even factoring in the costs of brushes, rollers, and tape, all the paint and equipment will leave you with change from £100.

4. Get the lighting right

Lighting can make or break a space. After all, bright, white lights often make a space look clinical or commercial. By contrast, warm and yellow lights make a space feel far more homely.

To really make your guests feel at home, they should have multiple lighting options. Although the ceiling light will probably receive the most use, bedside tables will allow them to have more mellow lighting options that suit their mood.

5. Buy luxe finishing touches

If you have money left over, then add some luxurious finishing touches to the space that will ooze class and sophistication. Decorative features like scatter cushions, soft rugs and velvet throws will all make your space feel more welcoming.

After all, with the right finishing touches you can make your spare room feel less like a hotel and make sure your guests feel totally at home.

Follow these five tips and you’ll find it easy to transform your unused spare room into a welcoming guest room. With all these beautiful touches, you may find that your guests never want to leave.