How to Decorate Your Children’s Rooms

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It can be difficult to decorate a child’s room. This isn’t because there aren’t options or a great number of ideas, but because the things your kids are interested in most change very frequently as they get older and start to develop their unique identity and interests. You can want to give your kids the world, but massive, custom updates to their room that would thrill them as a little kid can become something they start to resent as they get older.

Designing and creating a great child’s bedroom, therefore, must be done with that knowledge in mind. They can and should be able to decorate the space as they like, but the bones of their room should be adaptable. To help you design a space that can grow with your kids, use this guide to get started:

Choose Timeless Window Treatments

We all need privacy from the outside world, and the best way to offer your kids both that privacy and a fun design for their room are with roman blinds. Westminster Blinds makes them custom to fit your windows, so your kids can have the ease of a roman blind and the fun fabric of their choosing. Just remember to have them stick to small patterns so that their choice in blinds lasts as long as possible, or alternatively to pick a solid colour that can be easily added to new themes as they get older.

Add in Storage into their Closets

Kids are going to want lots of things, but that doesn’t mean that their belongings should ever burst out of the seams of their room. If you have closet space, add shelves within it to increase the amount of storage space. If that isn’t the case, consider adding custom storage (you can even include a window seat, if you do this) or by investing in smart furniture that maximises storage opportunities).

Choose Timeless Furniture Design

The furniture should be timeless. Getting your little one a big that is too big for them at the time is going to be much kinder on your budget than getting a kid bed and then needing to upgrade later on. There are ways that you can hack adult beds as well. For example, you can add toddler bed rails to the bed so that they don’t roll off. These are easy to install and then remove when your little one has grown up enough to not need them anymore.

Choosing timeless furniture now also means that they can use that furniture when they are adults and ready to move into their own place. It is one of the best investments that you make for them, as it will suit them no matter what sheets are on the bed or what toys or decorations they add to it.

Decorate, Don’t Innovate

The best way to make your child’s bedroom their own is to keep big design decisions like the furniture or even the paint colour something that you decide on, and allow your children free reign to decorate from there. Most of the time, this is going to naturally end up being the case, as kids don’t have the means to buy paint or invest in big upgrades themselves. What’s more, is that they can express themselves more naturally and over the course of a longer period of time.

Have Regular Clear-Outs

To make it easy for them, have a spring refresh once a year where they go through and remove the things that they no longer like. This way, their space always feels “grown up” and like it reflects them, rather than who they were when they were younger. It can be hard to get kids to remove things that they once had an attachment to, but there are multiple ways that you can get past this.

For example, you can have a “maybe” box where they will put toys that they haven’t played with in a long time. This box can be kept for as long as you want, even a year. If your kids go back to the box to pick out the toy, then it stays. If they don’t, you donate or sell it on at the end of the allotted time. This puts distance between the toy and your child without causing the strain of that initial separation.

Your children are going to grow so fast, so designing a space that grows with them is imperative. Choose timeless design when it comes to the items that stick around over the years, and let your kids have reign for the rest.