How To Glamourize Your Garage

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Garages are not exactly known for being beautiful spaces. Metal doors, rusty tools, concrete flooring and dingy corners are all staples of the car port. If you are thinking of expanding your home, you might be able to utilize your garage to its full potential by making a few improvements.

For many people, the garage is a great but underused space. With space at a premium in so many homes, it seems bizarre that more people haven’t taken a few simple steps to turn their garage into a place that they actually want to be. A new garage door for example or maybe you could find a garage door repair company to help you repair an old and doddery door! These are just starting points! Here is some food for thought.

Get That Car Out Of There

Early automobiles were very sensitive to changes in temperature and environment. The garage was adopted by so many early car owners because it provided a protected space for fragile vehicles. Modern cars need no such protection from the outside world. Consequently, many people park their car outside the garage, saving the hassle of opening and closing the door every time they leave or return from a trip.

If you want to make the most of your garage, it is time to take the car out of the equation. Without a car in it, the garage is a miraculously large space.

Plan For A Purpose

What do you want to use your newfound space for? It is important to consider the purpose of a new room before fitting it out. Do you want a media room? A nursery for a new family member? A music studio? The list of possibilities is extremely long. Having a purpose to your purchases and your DIY efforts is the only way of ensuring that you won’t end up with a garage full of miscellany.

Beautify The Exterior

The exterior can be just as important as the interior when converting your dingy garage space into a beautiful, lived-in room. A set of bespoke garage doors to replace your old sheet metal entrance can make all the difference.

Lighting Is Key

One thing that can put off people from actually using a garage regularly is the poor lighting. Garages typically do not have windows, and are often lit with harsh strip bulbs that cast dreadful shadows in the corners and behind furniture. When making your garage into a more welcoming zone, you’ll almost certainly want to update the lighting situation. Getting a smart lighting setup is all the rage. Multiple colour and brightness functions can be selected from your smartphone. Energy saving bulbs are far better than they used to be. Daylight bulbs and warm filament bulbs are available in energy saving formats.

Furniture Makes A Room

You are going to want to actually put things in your rejuvenated garage. Choosing the right furniture can make all the difference. Minimalist setups work well in garage spaces. It is worth accepting that moisture can find its way in through the garage door, so overly soft furnishings are not recommended. Simple, wooden chairs, desks and fittings will bring a sophisticated beauty into your car’s former abode.