How to Have a Tidy Home While Raising Kids

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Kids are notoriously messy creatures. Their curiosity, creativity and adventurous spirits make them the perfect little chaos machines and this can transform your home from a peaceful paradise to a hectic jungle of toys and spills. It’s rare to find a child who doesn’t leave a trail of mess in their wake, but that’s ok. Part of growing up and learning about the world means making mistakes but that doesn’t mean you have to accept a demolition site for a home until they turn eighteen. Here are a few useful tips to help you keep your house feeling fresh and tidy without limiting your children’s creativity.

Let Kids be Kids

As already mentioned, children are free spirits as yet uncorrupted by the drudgery of adult life. It’s vital that they maintain this freedom and inquisitive nature for as long as possible to become happy, well-rounded people. This means that, although having a tidy home at all times would be ideal, it’s an unrealistic and potentially unhealthy desire. Try to accept that having kids automatically means having to deal with the occasional spill. After all, services like carpet cleaners Islington based will be around to help undo the damage. They can ensure that your carpet stays pristine no matter what your kids get up to.

Help Your Children Tidy

Just because growing up is about discovery and freedom doesn’t mean you can’t help to guide your children towards learning important skills such as cleaning and tidying up after themselves. Get into the habit of recruiting their assistance when putting their toys away to teach them that mess is fine so long as it’s cleared up in the end. Make a game of it and soon you’ll have the whole family enjoying housework together. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Turn tidying up into a race.
  • Challenge your kids to collect the most toys and clutter within five minutes and try to beat previous records.
  • With softer toys, practice aiming and throwing them into their storage box from a distance.

Contain the Damage

If you find that making a game out of tidying up doesn’t work or that storage space is an issue then one of the best solutions to messy home is containing the chaos within a limited area. Let your kids know that certain rooms can’t be left untidy, such as the kitchen, living room or even your own bedroom. These boundaries will help you enjoy the tidy majority of your home while allowing your children to play freely.

Use Clever Storage

Speaking of storage, this can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your home the way you like it. Children are magnets for clutter and this means that finding a good solution is vital if you want to avoid constantly tripping over cars and building blocks. Under-bed boxes are excellent for keeping everything out of the way without taking up any more space in a room than necessary. Toy boxes can be an efficient and even sentimental piece of furniture to keep within the family for generations.