How to Have an Awesome Family Vacation in Los Angeles

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Planning a trip that the whole family can enjoy can be a challenging task. Take away the hassle and book a trip to LA. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy from renting a Los Angeles beach house, going to Disneyland and eating amazing food. California has something for everyone.

One of the reasons Los Angeles can make for such a great destination is it’s the type of place you can plan a trip out well in advance or just wing it. There is always something going on in this bustling city. LAX is such a major international and domestic airport, it is often quite possible to catch last minute deals in and out of the city.

In order to get you on your way, here is a mix of all age pleasing activities that span across the budget from free to splurge.

Be Prepared for Everything

It is possible that not everything is going to go smoothly on a family vacation. People clash, disagreements about where to visit arise, and if you’re not used to sleeping in close quarters with a distant family member, tension can occur. There are also more practical issues that can happen; someone could get injured or you could find yourself a victim of crime, such as someone stealing your wallet while you’re on a day trip. In these occasions, you need to know what to do. Find out the nearest hospital and ensure you have insurance for every family member. Know where to seek financial help if necessary, such as having ready on your phone.

Go to Disneyland

This almost goes without saying that nearly every child would enjoy a trip to Disneyland. For the adults or older kids in the group, a visit here can be a walk down memory lane. There’s plenty to see just by walking around to see many people’s favorite prince and princesses from the movies. A fun goal is to see who can spot Mickey Mouse first and have their picture taken with him. For the older kids, don’t overlook the thrilling Space Mountain or the Indiana Jones adventure.

Stay in a Giant Mansion

A lot of people do not think of this as an option, but it is possible to rent your very own private mansion for your vacation. It is true than many of us might not be able to afford owning our own mansion, but it may be feasible to stay in one for a couple of nights. With select properties scattered all throughout Los Angeles there is something to suite almost everyone’s needs. If you are wore out and looking for a place to have a ‘staycation’ what better way than to find a perfect villa overlooking the ocean or have a place tucked up into the hills. Either way when you return to your normal working life and your friends and colleagues ask you how your place was you can simple take out your phone and say, ‘Let me show you the pictures.’

Drive Sunset Boulevard

Perhaps one of the most iconic roads in the United States, a drive down Sunset Boulevard is a must do. This palm tree lined road has been beckoning people from all around the world to drive its lanes for decades. Known for its active nightlife, the road has also been nicknamed ‘Guitar Row’ owing to the high number of guitar stores and music related businesses.  You can opt to drive the boulevard yourself or go on an organized tour. If you want to save some money, look for the less congested traffic times and drive yourself. If you want to sit back, have a good look around and learn some more in depth history about this historic thoroughfare, then go on the organized tour and let someone else do the driving.

Have a day at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is another great activity that can be both low cost and fun for everyone. This Bohemian mecca has been attracting all kinds of people for decades. Here you can see an eclectic mix of runners, body builders, radical pamphleteers and just about everything in between. Younger kids can splash in the waves and play around building sand castles to their hearts content. Older kids and adults can engage in the heart pumping game of Frisbee or go for a run and then jump into the ocean to cool off. Pack your own picnic, a blanket and a book and pass away the day away people watching and enjoying the sun.

Visit the Getty Center

One of the envies worldwide in the museum industry, The Getty Center stands out as one of the world’s top museums. The recipient of numerous generous endowments here you can see the masters like Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh as well as decorative arts, photography and a fine sculpture garden. Elegant dining is available with views overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. You can choose to go on a tour through parts of the museum or just wander to your hearts content. Don’t forget to check out their events page to see if they have anything special going on, otherwise you can’t beat the price of the admission which is free.

Shop Rodeo Drive

If you want to get in the Hollywood spirit, watch “Pretty Woman” and then go and have your own exploration of Rodeo Drive. This drive is in the famous scene where Julia Roberts walked in and out of designer shops with a pile of shopping bags under her arms. Once you see the price tag on many of the items and clothes on offer, you may think twice about purchasing anything. However this can be a fun place to pass half a day window shopping. Here is where high end shoppers with deeply lined pockets and average shoppers combine. The price sticker may or may not wear off as you near the end of your window shopping spree.

Go to Universal Studios

Dubbed the entertainment capital of LA, this is one of the city’s most popular attractions. There are amusement type rides based on some of film and televisions shows. Here you can see things related to “The Simpson’s,” “King Kong” and “The Mummy.” The official mascot is Woody Woodpecker so be sure to keep a keen eye out for him.

As you piece together your ideal family vacation, reduce your stress by trying to find activities that all age groups should be able to enjoy. That way while you are enjoying that warm sun on your face, you can have a happy bunch of people along with you.