How to help your Teen Get their License and be a Safe Driver

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If there’s one thing that most parents have in common it is the fact that we never stop worrying about our children. From the moment they come into our lives up to becoming adults with their own families we always want to know that they are safe, happy, and healthy. And so you may feel some apprehension when your teen child finally announces that they want to get their drivers license. The above mentioned fear for their wellbeing may make you want to delay their decision but we all know how headstrong teenagers are!

Thankfully there are ways to go along with their wish to start driving while helping them to into safe and conscientious drivers.

Help them Choose the Right Driving Lessons

In addition to studying theory modules most local authorities require all prospective drivers to take a certain amount of driving lessons before they can acquire their full driver’s license.  Therefore getting the best driving instructor for your child is an important step in helping them learn to be a good driver. You can start by checking the ratings and feedback of local schools as well as canvassing other parents about where they’re sending their children.

A good driving school will not only teach your kids how to drive to pass their test, every driving lesson will focus on ensuring what is taught becomes second nature as well as risk reduction techniques.

Talk About and Demonstrate Good Driving Habits

As with anything else, our practical experience in the early stages of learning to drive will become a big influence on our driving style and attitude later. People with more driving experience are more likely to be cautious drivers while newer drivers are often viewed as reckless. In the end most people learn from their instructors as well as those around them. With that in mind, talking about and demonstrating safe driving behaviour when they are in the car with you is a great way to reinforce that message. 

Give them Driving Lessons

Further to teaching and showing your teen good driving habits, you could offer to give them extra driving practise in addition to their official lessons.  Private driving lessons are sufficient for getting to know the basics but they are often scheduled to be taken during quiet traffic times. It is the experience gained by being on the road during different times more often that really helps learner drivers get to grips with life on the road. Doing so with you may help to provide a calming influence, particularly in heavy traffic. 

Discuss Driving Expectations, Responsibilities and Privileges

The approach to a discussion on driving responsibilities, expectation and privileges will depend on your child’s particular driving arrangement. If they are going to be using your vehicle then you may want to have some expectations and responsibilities in place. In the same way if they have worked hard to buy their own car a little advice is worth a try to help them along the way.

In conclusion, it’s clear that our experiences as drivers are influenced in a huge way by the knowledge acquired as learner drivers and this makes it an important period to get right. Any further experience gained going forward also helps if that practise reinforces good driving habits and risk reduction techniques. Your teen will be well on their way to being a great driver that helps to lessen your worry!