How To Improve Your House To Make It Child-Safe

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Kids are a beautiful thing, but they are messy and curious. Having kids in the house involves a lot of risks, and it requires attention from an adult. 

If you’re planning to have kids in the future, or you’re looking for a house to buy even though you already have kids, you must check every corner of it and make sure that it is safe for children.

We usually don’t realize all the risks that could be in a house, so you need to take the right precautions and change some things around the place if you know there will be children involved.

Accidents always happen, but if your house is as safe as it can be, you’re less likely to experience one. Kids love experimenting around their home – they play with anything they encounter, and they love to stick their little fingers everywhere. 

Older kids aren’t as curious, but if you have a child between one and five years old, you really need to evaluate and adapt your house according to their age.

Evaluate the State of the Building

Okay, so you’ve bought the house, it’s time to evaluate its conditions and safety.

We often don’t realize that water can damage the roof of the house. Dominion Roofing states that when water starts penetrating a roof, it is a serious issue that can become a hazard to the health of everyone in the household.

So if you notice that the roof has some leakage, you should think about changing it or getting it repaired. A wet roof can accumulate bacteria that can infect the kids’ lungs through the air. This can cause really bad sickness, and your child’s’ life could be in danger.

The same happens with the walls. Filtration can happen anywhere, so if you see that a wall is damaged, you should get someone that can repair it right away.

Besides leading to sickness, a weak structure can be a danger by itself because if a natural disaster occurs, the building will not hold up as it’s supposed to. 

Protect the Electric Plugs

Little kids love playing with their fingers and anything they can find lying around. There have been many sad and fatal cases where the child stuck something in an electric plug, which then lead to their death.

It’s important that you buy electric plugs protectors, those that can only be manipulated by adults. There’s no point in purchasing a protector that lifts easily – it has to be child-safe.

Hide All the Glass Objects

We know that having glass and ceramic decoration adds a lot to the appearance of a house, but it can be dangerous if you have kids. They might think that it is a toy, so they can grab it and break it. 

It’s no problem that they break something; the issue starts if they step on it or if they accidentally cut themselves. A plain home is preferable than a trip to the ER.

Put Locks on Windows

As well as the electric plugs, many cases have involved the death of a child because they fell out of a window.

Kids have hyperactive and creative minds, especially with all the movies they watch. When they see a window, they might think they’re a superhero that can fly high, but we all know that it isn’t the case.

It’s essential that you put child locks on windows, and make sure that they are always supervised if they are in a place with windows or are on a high floor of a building. 

Cover the Floor With Carpets

Most houses have carpets on the floor, but if you don’t, it’s time to put one down. 

Children are clumsy when they start to walk, so they are usually falling over and then trying to get up. A hard floor can be dangerous if they fall and hit their head.

A carpeted floor is softer, so if your kid falls, it won’t hurt as much, and they are less likely to have a severe injury.

Keep the Pills in a Safe Place

Kids love to put everything in their mouths, so if they find a bottle of pills, they might swallow them. 

You must take all your pills that don’t have a child lock and hide them in a safe place. Bathroom cabinets that are high up and closets are some of the best places to put them. 

Final Thoughts

Children are adorable, but they are very curious and prone to accidents. It’s vital for their safety that the house is adapted to their needs. 

Hide all the bottles of pills, put protectors all around, and change the floors and roofs of the house. Looks aren’t important in a home if they could affect your child’s health.