How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Bundle of Joy

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Even if your dog has always been the most loveable furry friend, and you’ve never had a single problem with their behaviour, it can still be an area of concern when you’re faced with the prospect of a newborn baby in your home. Especially if your dog has never been around children or babies before, you may not know in advance how your dog is going to react. 

As long as the proper steps are taken and you supervise your dog and baby at all times, there is no reason the two can’t become fast friends – and the chances are your dog will take it upon itself to protect your baby any way it can. 

Here are some ways you can prepare for the important introduction. 

It’s a Good Idea to Take Your Dog to Training Classes

Training classes are invaluable for your dog anyway, at any age, but they are particularly important when it comes to being around a newborn. Your dog needs to know how to act appropriately and safely around a new person, and you need to ensure that it obeys your commands. 

If your dog is a little bit rebellious and cheeky, then you need to hone this with the help of private dog training classes in order to ensure a good relationship between your dog and your baby. You could start training classes when you decide to have children, or you could start taking your dog when you find out you’re pregnant – the sooner the better!

Consider getting your pup signed up to premier dog training and getting help with your needs.

Greet Your Dog Separately When You Bring Your Baby Home

All dogs love to jump on their owners when they see them walk through the door, but this display of affection could pose a risk to the baby if you’re carrying it in your arms when your dog decides to jump up at you. It’s a good idea to walk through the door without the baby in the first instance to greet your pup, and then bring the baby in once your dog has recovered from its initial excitement. 

Allow Your Dog to Get Used to Baby Smells in Advance 

Chances are that you’ve already filled your home with baby essentials in preparation for your child’s arrival, but you should let your dog sniff and explore these items in advance so that it can get used to the new smells and the items which will be commonplace when the baby arrives. 

You could also let your dog sniff the baby’s blanket and use any means necessary to let your dog know that the new smell is okay. 

Distance Yourself from Your Dog a Few Weeks Before the Baby Comes Home This may sound a little mean, but it’s not. Your baby is going to be taking up the majority of your attention when it arrives, meaning your dog is going to begin wondering why it’s not being played with as much, and may become jealous. By toning down the attention you give your dog in preparation for the baby’s arrival, it will be less of a shock to your dog’s system when the baby eventually arrives.