How to Keep on Top of Children’s Health

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Being a parent can be hard. It’s no secret that even the most well-meaning parents rely on outside help and advice from time to time. What do you know about how your children’s health is doing? How can you keep on top of their ever-changing needs?

Figuring out how to keep on top of our children’s health can seem daunting, but it’s actually really simple, healthy and affordable. Below are a few tips to help you make good decisions to keep your child’s health in good shape.

Encourage imaginative play and exercise

From doing the housework to walking the dog, an active household encourages lots of physical activity and creative play. Be sure to schedule at least one hour of active play a day. This will depend on your child’s age but could be as little as ten minutes or more if you have kids with high energy levels

Wash hands frequently

Children are more susceptible than adults to getting sick, so teaching them proper personal hygiene is essential. Be sure your children understand that they can catch germs by touching other people and objects. Make them keep their hands away from their mouths and noses as much as possible, especially when they’ve been running around and playing.

Teach your child to “scrub” his or her hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and rinse. The easy, fast way to make sure your kids stay clean is to keep a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser in each bathroom – visible and within reach on the sink.

Cover your child with a health insurance

Covering your child with health insurance for children will help you keep them healthy and safe throughout their early life. Kids have unique concerns when it comes to their health and can easily fall ill or feel self-conscious about birthmarks or problems they may have.

So, having health insurance means that you will always have help on hand and the chance to have regular check-ups with a doctor to keep them safe and healthy.

Keep vaccinations up to date

It’s not enough to just vaccinate – we also need to know the vaccines are keeping up with new strains of viruses and bacteria that emerge every year. We need to give our bodies – and especially, the tiny bodies of children – a hand by keeping the good fight up with a yearly booster. So, make sure that your kids are getting their vaccinations on time to protect themselves and others.

Provide healthy meals and snacks

Kids can be picky, but without proper nutrition, they can also have a harder time concentrating in school and during play, which can result in behavioural problems.

Nutrition plays an important role in children’s growth and development. By playing an active role in your child’s nutrition and ensuring they have healthy snacks, you can help prevent obesity and chronic disease later in life.


Despite the difficulties of talking to your children about their health, it is worth it. So long as you have a heart-to-heart with them regularly and are open to discussion, you can keep on top of their health. The tips above should make things a little easier for everyone!