How to Keep the Bed Bugs Away as Lockdown Lifts

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As a parent, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your children safe and well in your home. This has never been more important, considering the national lockdown and the fact we’re spending more time indoors.

As you may expect, bed bug infections have now hit an all-time low, as bugs have fewer means to travel. However, as April 12th gets closer and closer, the chance of those pesky bugs wreaking havoc in your children’s bedroom gets even more real.

At some point, you may realise your children’s bed is infested with bed bugs, attempting to solve the problem yourself rather than hiring a professional to visit your home in fear of contracting COVID. Big mistake – this will make things worse.

Property maintenance firm employs pest controllers who are experts in getting rid of bed bugs. They are accredited by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). If the problem persists after six months, they return for free and complete further treatment.

When Dealing with Bed Bugs in Children’s Rooms, Prevention is Better than Cure

Some basic DIY tasks like caulking around skirting boards or scraping away peeling paint, and re-decorating effectively prevent the problem from starting. Then there’s the added advantage of getting your kids involved for some much needed DIY practice when they have a home of their own!

In other cases, the infestation might have already escalated, requiring professional treatment. Here are the three main ways professionals help eliminate bed bugs in your child’s room.

Chemical Treatment. While the thought of having your son or daughter’s room sprayed with chemicals may make you shudder, it is effective and doesn’t harm the skin. However, if you are worried, speak to your expert. Two separate sprayings will need applying over several weeks, so try to do this when your child is at school rather than at the weekend. The only downside of this treatment is it does require washing, steaming and dry cleaning. So, if you’re a busy parent, it might not be the best choice.

Localised Heat Treatment. Using pressurised steam, this kills off the bugs in just a few days. It’s perfect for larger objects which don’t fit in a contained treatment unit. So, items like a large Finding Nemo headboard or an extensive Frozen toy chest can still be treated! Contained heat treatment is the other type, ideal for smaller items like soft toys, clothing, or desk chairs. The tent is inflated inside your home and the objects placed inside. As the heat is gradually increased, the bugs can no longer survive.

Speak to your child so that you can work out the best and least disruptive option.