How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Cyber Bullying

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There’s no doubt about it, the internet is a poaching ground for cyber bullies. Everyone is a keyboard warrior until you face them in real life and chances are these kids are dealing with issues in their own homes and need to feel superior by bullying minors who take offense easily. Cyber bullying is a real thing and unfortunately, in some cases, parents don’t even know it’s happening to their kids.

So if you don’t want to be that parent, the one to ignore the signs and have your child potentially fall victim to cyber bulling, take these precautionary steps to avoid cyber bullying. Here are some parenting tips to get you started.

Installing Spyware

As a parent you are entitled to protecting your child no matter what it takes. Spyware may seem a bit extreme for some parents, but if you tell your child you have installed the program and prohibit chat rooms, they will be sure to stay away from any platform that encourages cyber bullying.

Monitoring Your Kids Online Presence

It should become a way of life or even a lifestyle to allow your child only a certain amount of time online. The limited amount of time indirectly tells them to use the available internet usage constructively rather than getting bored and exploring unknown avenues online.

Tweaking the Settings

Many child-friendly applications have settings that give parents the ability to adjust the level of privacy their kids have access to. As such, you can control the settings and prohibit them from interacting socially online.

Monitor Your Kids

When you introduce your kids to the online world of connectivity, make sure to keep an eye on their behaviour. If anything changes or they become withdrawn or seem a little sad, perhaps even a little depressed, you should immediately begin an investigation to find the source of the problem. Chances are, it stems from the internet and you need to find out what’s causing it. If you are struggling to identify where on the internet this bullying is coming from, then enlisting the help of digital Forensic Investigators could be a good way to find out what might be happening since they can recover deleted texts and even help gather evidence that can be used to prosecute the bullies.

No one said it would be an easy job parenting little humans, but it is indeed a fun journey and as a parent, you want them to enjoy their childhood. So, do all you can to protect them from cyber bullies and child predators but in the meantime, if you are online and you are monitoring your little ones, check out some child proof sites that allows parents to win cash and have as much fun online as their kids! Have a go here and enjoy a safe realm to play games!