How to Make Your Own Muslin Baby Blanket

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A muslin blanket is an essential part of your baby bag. Aside from the obvious, this can also be a versatile piece of cloth that can be used in different ways.

If you do not have one at the moment, then you can try to make one for your baby. In this article, you will see what are the things you need to make your own muslin baby blanket.

Take note that a muslin baby blanket should be lightweight, breathable, and durable enough to support your newborn when swaddling and even when carrying them around in a sling.

Here are the things to consider if you want to make your own muslin swaddle blankets.

  • Choose a Muslin Fabric

The main reason why a muslin blanket is a great piece of cloth is the type of cloth that is used for it.

Go to the fabric store and ask for a cotton gauze fabric.

There are white and brown color variants to choose from so if you are planning on dyeing it a bright color, then pick the white one. And if you want to go a little avant garde darker shade, get the blue one.

Heck, you can get both colors and have fun with the dyeing!

Choose the biggest size so that you have a lot of cloth to use for your baby.

  • Color with a Hypoallergenic Cloth Dye

Sure, you can go with the plain white or brown color. But why not add a little color to make your muslin look very chic?

Since you can pick the color you want, look for inspiration on the latest trends. If you know how to do it, a gradient color with an ocean theme will leave other parents curious and envious of your baby’s muslin blanket.

Just make sure that you use a gentle dye that will not irritate your child’s skin.

  • Finish the Edges

After dyeing and rinsing the muslin cloth with cold water, then you need to finish the edges.

Simply sew it properly and make sure that you create a nice clean fold. Of course, it doesn’t need to be perfect so just do your best to make all sides proportional.

Do not iron the cloth because it may cause the cotton to lose elasticity.

Making your own muslin baby blanket is a fantastic one-day project for parents. This way, you can personalize and make simple baby essentials exciting and unique just like your baby.