How To Make Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

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The problem that many people have with renting a property rather than buying one, and one of the reasons why they try so hard to get on the property market, is they don’t think they’ll ever be able to make it feel like home.


Knowing that the property belongs to someone else can be a worry, but it is one that can easily be put aside once you start making your rental into your perfect home. Of course, before you do make changes to the internal décor, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord, but since he or she will want you to be comfortable and stay there (paying rent) for a long time, they may well agree; it’s always worth asking. 


Use Art 

Blank walls are always going to make you feel unwelcome, so why not take the opportunity to fill those walls with some gorgeous art? Check your tenancy agreement to see if you can put nails and other picture hooks into the walls, and if not, you may want to invest in some non-damaging tape instead. 


The art you buy doesn’t have to be expensive or by anyone particularly well-known unless you want to spend thousands on it. If you just want something that looks attractive, look around online to find an artist you enjoy or even buy cheap prints. Add some colour and design to the walls and you’ll feel much more at home. 


Make It Permanent 

The worst thing you can do when you move into a rented property is to think of it as a temporary residence (even if it is going to be). You’ll never be able to make it a home or feel truly comfortable in it if that is how you think of it. 


Instead, make it feel more permanent. Unpack all your personal items and display them, and don’t live out of a suitcase or boxes. Yes, you’ll have to pack everything up again when you move on, but in the meantime, you’ll feel much happier and more relaxed. 


If you really don’t want to unpack it all, why not put what you don’t need into storage? That way, you won’t have to pack it all up again and you can choose just a few items to have around your home. 


Look After It 

We’ve all been guilty of making a mess in a hotel room and leaving it for someone else to clear up because we’re only there temporarily, and it’s rather freeing not to have to tidy up. Your rented property is not the same as a hotel room, even if you aren’t planning on being there for a long time. Keeping it clean and tidy is entirely your responsibility, and be a clause in your tenancy agreement that says you’ll need to hire a move out cleaning company such as Cleaning Day when you leave. 


Keeping the property in good condition while you are living there will help you to feel more at home. If you were staying for a long time, or if you owned the property, you would be conscious of how it looked, so do the same if you are renting, even if it is just for a short term of six months. You’ll enjoy it much more.