How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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Category: Parenting Tips

Children can get easily distracted, especially as there are lots of fun things to do. While play time is important for young minds, it’s important for them to know how to concentrate and have a desire to learn. To save you the nagging, we have teamed up with a private school to share 6 ways that you can motivate your child to learn.


Help Them Find Their Dream Job

Jobs are cool and adult. It can be fun for children to think about the future and what they want to be when they grow up. All jobs rely on hard work and education is needed to get there. If there’s something that your child wants to be when they grow up, talk about how their studies will fit into it. Whether they want to be a fire fighter or a teacher, they’ll need their core subjects like maths to get there. Exploring this will help you to motivate them and give them an aspiration to work towards.


Show Your Commitment to Education

Learning is something that continues and carries on throughout life. Even as an adult in a stable career, you’ll be learning new ways of doing things. Showing your child that you’re passionate about learning can rub off on them and make them motivated and excited to learn.


Use Their Distractions

If your child isn’t agreeing to do their work, you can use their interests to trick them into doing it. You can use their toys to teach them about number problems for example and help them with their maths. That way you’ll be able to speak in a language that makes sense to them and help them understand better.


Introduce Rewards

You can also motivate your child by implementing some sort of reward chart where you log and reward them each time that they do their work. That could be with a sticker or a point tally that lets them save up for a treat.


Look for Interactive Means

If all else fails, children love games and there are plenty that you can find online covering a variety of subjects. They’ll keep them engaged and teach them important lessons. They may even encourage them to do more work than initially told as games can be addictive, helping them to get in additional practice and improve.



There’s no shortage of educational cartoons either. Cartoons are like mascots that can teach children good behaviours. Those like “Number Blocks” can teach young children about maths and get them passionate about the subject.