How To Really Maximise Your Living Space

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As your family grows, you might think about moving house. It makes sense to go from a small place to a larger one – after all, you’re going to need at least one extra bedroom, perhaps a study, maybe a larger dining area or a kitchen diner, and you might want a larger, safer garden too.

However, wanting to move and being able to are two different things. It costs a lot to move house, and it isn’t always going to be possible, often due to finances. Equally, you might not want to move because you are already close to good schools, or you’re near to work, or your family lives close by.

If you can’t move or don’t want to, is there any way you can maximise your living space and make the most of what you have? The short answer is yes. Read on to find out more.

Use Your Loft

For most people, the loft is an area of the house that is infrequently used. It’s usually a place for storage and not much else. This is a shame, since the loft is often a large space, spanning the width of the house, and it could make a wonderful bedroom or even a living area, depending on what you need.

Using a professional, you can change your loft into a truly useful space. Start by altering the interior of the room by putting in a proper floor and insulating the walls. Then consider how much light you want. If you want it to be a light and airy room, then make sure to carry out a roof light conversion. By instaling a roof light, you will not only increase how much light you get in the room but also how much headroom you have.

Use Your Garden

If you can’t change your loft or you don’t have one to change, then think about your outside space. Is there enough room in your garden to add another room? One option is to add a conservatory to the back of your house. You will lose a fair bit of garden area, but you will gain a new living room or dining room. Some people like using a conservatory as a study as it is light and bright.

Another option is to use a different area of your garden and add an entirely new structure. You will need to look at planning permission rules, especially if you are thinking of having a two-storey building, but this can be an ideal way to have a home office with power and light at the bottom of your garden.

Rearrange The Interior

In some circumstances, you won’t be able to add to your home by extending. In this case, you can change the interior instead. In simple terms, this could mean rearranging the furniture to give you more space in your rooms.

If you have a larger budget and more time, you could change things around completely. By knocking through and turning a living room and dining room into one large space, you can really make the most of the area in your home. Or, if you want more rooms, you can turn one large room into two.