How to switch your property to an Airbnb

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Do you have a home that you aren’t using? If you’ve been renting out your second property, but you’re between tenants right now, it’s perfectly reasonable that you may be looking for a change. You may have even inherited a home and aren’t sure what to do with it or are moving but still want to keep your property occupied and in good repair.

Whatever your circumstances, Airbnb could be the best solution! With Airbnb, you don’t have a lot of the worries that come with housing traditional tenants (such as late or no rent payments, or disputes) and you can welcome a diverse range of people into your home. But how might you do this? We have some ideas!

Do your research

Depending on where you live, your Airbnb could be a great draw. For example, do you live near a university, or close to some great attractions? Even just living in or around a big city like Birmingham can encourage people to book with you. See what other Airbnb’s in your area are charging and the kinds of people they are attracting so you can be prepared. This will help you to know how to market your property, too.


If you have been living in your property, it may be cluttered. While with Airbnb it is accepted that there will be some personal touches and even possessions present, you want your space to be as clutter-free, warm and welcoming as possible. If you have possessions you can’t fit in your own home, or furniture that you can’t bear to part with, Safestore Birmingham could be the best solution for you. Here, you can securely store as much or as little of your possessions as you need for any length of time.


While your property might be perfect for your or ideal for renters, for Airbnb guests, you need to put some more thought into the design of the space. Whether you want to go all in and have a themed space (like a boho-chic style or vintage with a 1950s vibe), or just go for a clean, minimalist look, make sure that your property looks photograph ready. The more people who snap pictures and share them, the more guests will flock to your place!

Most of all, make sure that the property is clean and comfortable, with all the essential amenities necessary for a fantastic stay. Providing things like plates, cutlery and bedding is a must, while little extras like toiletries and free Wi-Fi will put you head and shoulders above your competition!

If you want to welcome new people into your property and make some good money while doing so, transforming your home into an Airbnb could be the perfect next step for you.