How to Teach Your Kids to Care for Pets

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Welcoming a pet into your home can be a big responsibility, especially if you are already raising children. Not only do they require much attention and care, but how you treat your dog, cat or another animal will influence your child’s behaviour with their new pet.

To lead by example and ensure an animal receives the best level of care, read these top tips on how to teach your kids to care for pets.

Involve Your Children in the Adoption Process

It is essential that children realise that pets are not a toy and they are a big responsibility. To prove to your kids how important a pet is, you must involve them in the adoption process.

For example, take your children along to shelters to view the many animals in need of loving homes, and the steps you need to take to welcome a new pet into the family, such as reading and signing many pages of paperwork and carefully listening to advice on how to care for an animal.

Visit a Vet as a Family

Show your kids how important it is to care for their pet’s health by taking your dog, cat, or other pet along to the vet for a check-up or when he or she isn’t well. While your kids should not be present when a vet administers a vaccine or performs an exam, taking them to the vets will show them the importance of looking after their pet. This will realign responsibility with their values.

Book a Grooming Session

Different animals will have different requirements, which you must complete to ensure their health and happiness. For example, if you have welcomed a canine companion into your home, you will need to routinely take your pet along to a reputable dog groomer, such as, which will ensure your dog looks, smells and feels fantastic each day while providing your family with a healthier environment.

Take your kids with you during a visit to a dog groomer, so they can watch as your dog receives a bath and a brush or a pampering session, which can include nail and pad trims, shampoo, facial tidy, etc.

Assign Pet Duties to Your Children

Depending on their age, you could assign various pet duties to your growing children, which can teach them responsibility. For example, you could make it your child’s job to:

  • Refill a pet’s water bowl
  • Fill a dry food bowl
  • Tidy away any pet toys

They will understand that pets require more than just attention to live a happy, healthy life. Plus, as they will realise the level of hard work and effort it takes to care for an animal, they might be less likely to ask for additional pets in the future. However, you must ensure any tasks you assign are appropriate for your child’s age, as they might not be best suited to changing their litter box or taking them for a walk alone.