Jackpots of 2000 GEL Five Times a Week in Shangri La Tbilisi

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A pleasant stay in the very center of the historical Tbilisi can also be very profitable. Since the fall of 2019, jackpots of 2,000 GEL were played 5 times a week in Shangri La Tbilisi. Becoming a guest of the complex on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, everyone gets a chance to break an additional bonus. Moreover, it is enough to place bets in the amount of 1 GEL.

Slot jackpots are played at 20:00 on the specified week days. Everyone who has made at least one bet has a chance to win up to 2000 GEL: 10×100 GEL at min. rate of 1 GEL, 4×250 GEL at min. rate of 2 GEL. Agree, a pleasant surprise!

The complex is part of the international Shangri La network, which currently includes four units in four capitals: Tbilisi, Yerevan, Minsk and Riga. The establishments are managed by Storm International, which is the highest level of service guarantee, complete confidentiality, security and fair play. There are bars, restaurants, VIP clubs at all casinos, which allows you to immerse yourself in a luxurious vacation.

Shangri La is the best casino in Tbilisi, and this fact is confirmed by guests and business professionals. For three consecutive years, the Unit was selected as the best in its field and was awarded the Golden Brand Award. This is really a sign of quality, since only the best of the best are awarded this honor after a thorough examination by numerous experts. And consumers choose the best institutions already among those that were selected by a high jury.

The casino operates in a VIP niche, and this can be seen at a glance. The institution is located in a luxurious detached building, the interiors are decorated in art deco style with elements of chic and luxury. Specially designed for Shangri La, carpets with branded elements, exclusive chandeliers, natural wood furniture, European art and textiles were ordered. The atmosphere is conducive to first-class relaxation.

Inside you will find everything that people in the casino like so much: a festive atmosphere, a welcoming attitude, a variety of games, a great restaurant and entertaining shows. At the same time, bets start with symbolic values and can reach a maximum that pleasantly tickles the nerves.

Shangri La Tbilisi offers entertainment for every taste. Friendly dealers invite you to evaluate the table games: American roulette, poker, blackjack, punto banco. Also in the halls there are several hundreds of the most modern slot machines with huge screens and dozens of games on one machine.

So that visitors can diversify their vacation, real stars regularly appear on the stage of the best casinos in Georgia. Live music is Shangri La’s thing. In addition to jackpots on slots, the unit offers other prizes draws. Once a season, large parties are necessarily held, from which guests leave on brand new motorcycles or cars. Shangri La Tbilisi is the first and so far the only casino in the country that has presented its visitors with the brand new Maserati!

The complex has its own restaurant with original cuisine. In the refined hall with panoramic windows you can taste amazing dishes of Georgian and European cuisine. The restaurant offers magnificent views of the Bridge of Peace and the Mtkvari embankment.

The casino offers excellent conditions for a gaming tour. Guests enjoy a great all-inclusive stay. It is enough to pay the cost chips in order to use for free all the opportunities that Shangri La offers during the junket: hotel accommodation, plane tickets, various meals and drinks, transfers and even an excursion program.

You can learn more about Shangri La Tbilisi on the official website: shangrila.ge