Keep the Kids Entertained on Your Next Campervan Holiday

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Category: Family Holidays and Weekends

Brits have always loved a good caravanning holiday, but recently this kind of trip has soared in popularity. Figures released in 2017 predicted that an extra 50,000 caravans and motorhomes would be hitting the road within five years. Although you may associate a caravan with the elderly, campervans are increasingly popular with families and young people. Furthermore, you won’t need to book transport or accommodation, so your staycation will be significantly cheaper. However, what if you are travelling with children? If you are worried that a campervan trip may become boring, then read on for tips on keeping the kids entertained.

Choose Your Route Wisely

There are usually several ways to get any destination. One route may involve a long, straight, boring, monotonous motorway, while another road could take you through the twist and turns of a British national park. For instance, the A66 was named Britain’s favourite road, passing through the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and the Pennines. The M40, meanwhile, is our least favourite road; congested and crumbling.

Your children will no doubt enjoy the scenic route more and will spend their time looking out the window in awe, rather than becoming bored. You will also feel more relaxed as a driver, giving you the energy to keep the kids entertained with games of I Spy and Pub Cricket. Especially when operating a larger vehicle, it is important to take a slow and more relaxed route, in order for the whole family to feel safe. 

Take it Slow, Stop Often

Campervan holidays shouldn’t be all about the destination. The long drive is a part of the whole experience. There is therefore no need to rush and you should aim to stop as often as possible. This gives the kids the chance to stretch their legs and engage in activities. Study your map closely and determine if there are any interesting places you can pass. For example a petting zoo or a funfair, where you can take a long break. Keeping a child active during stops will help them to sleep when you start up the engine again.

A campervan holiday can be a cheap, yet exciting adventure for the whole family. However, long drives and kids don’t always go together well. Break up the journey with plenty of stops and turn the drive into an experience in its own right. Finding interesting, scenic routes will ensure your children’s minds stay occupied for longer, allowing for a fun, problem-free family holiday.